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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Top Ten Time Wasters at Work...

According to a Priority Management Systems survey:

1. Shifting priorities.
2. Telephone interruptions.
3. Lack of direction/objectives.
4. Attempting too much.
5. Drop-in visitors.
6. Ineffective delegation.
7. Cluttered desk/losing things.
8. Procrastination/lack of self-discipline.
9. Inability to say "no".
10. Meetings.


Yasmine Ismail said...

tell me about it!
procrastination is the worst enemy in my opinion because it is an inside factor.


amy said...

looking forward for the home time watsers version, Mohaly. you know i hate offices!

ahmed m. said...

nice to read before going to work.
i feel as if i am ready my daiyl work scenario! good to know that i am not alone in that.

Geeee said...

But I don know mohaly, I was thinking that if I stopped all these stuff I may get firedddddddddddah :D

I mean this is the normal thing in work, to be interrupted.

Do you know how PR people work man?;)

Good to know your enemies but I guess we need a manual for beating them :D Thanks M


Mohaly said...

of course ya Ahmed, if you follow up the blog topics (serious ones), you will find that I am introducing general ideas and thoughts, then will go into specifics, but it needs a lot of time to change the culture :)

Anyway, time wasters doesnt mean that you shouldnt do that, but it means that these stuff should be minimized as much as you can so that you can have your QUALITY time not wasted.

amina said...

saying no is very hard, but we should know when to say it.

omar said...

geeee, tell them to shut the f@#$ up and go to their office, unless it is your boss :)

Mohaly said...

yes amina, saying no is not said to anyone at anytime.

You need to have all your priorities and tasks listed first before start saying no. Because you just dont say no for the sake of saying it.

omar said...

i agree mohaly, if you know what you want and how to do it, then you will know when to say yes and when to say no.

This is applicable in work and life in general, isnt it Mohaly?

Mohaly said...

yes omar, very well said :)

I am glad to see action in serious topics. Hope to see Fatima here too :))

Yasmine said...

My curse is procrastination. I've suffered from it ALL my life.
and the more boring the task is, the less enthusiastic about it, the more i procrastinate.
Mohaly knows this better than anyone, and he's suffered from it a great deal before :)
Sorry mohaly, it was nothing personal, and thank you for your support and patience! :)

Mohaly said...

anytime yasmine :)

p.s. many yasmines in this blog :)