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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wanna waste more than 2300 years in a month?!

Of Course I am not surprized to see Cairo on the top of the clogged cities in the world...official numbers say Cairo's population is 15 Million - not including 3ashwa2eyat and some new area if added it will reach 20 Million + people coming or commuting in the daytime...

I am afraid to just think what is Cairo gonna be after 10 years (that is not much...same distance between now and 1997!!)...According to studies Cairo will be a completely clogged city by 2020 where the average ride will be around 2 hours!!! Imagine how much time you need to go from Heliopolis to Tahrir!!! I guess you need to rent an apartment somewhere midway....

The problem other than hot weather, crowd stress...etc..is the time of the people commuting...if you multiply the hours wasted everyday by the no. of people stuck, you will be shocked...if only 1 million commute everyday (government employees only are 5 Million by the way) in cairo and they waste only 1 hour, then we have 1 million hour wasted everyday...in other words on this minimized assumption, we will be wasting about 2300 Years of production every month!!!!

M O H @ L Y

Cairo, Egypt
Population: 15.2 million (official 2nd city) / 25 million (unofficial 1st city)
Density: 36,618 persons per square kilometer.
Egypt's capital also happens to be the cultural capital of the Arab world and the largest city in Africa. Its traffic is overwhelming. It has to be seen to be believed. Compounding the ever more horrendous noise is the variety of vehicles: autos, buses, bikes, vans and trucks on narrow streets with the use of the sidewalk almost a must. The traffic rarely stays in lanes, instead weaving its own tapestry. It is an elemental force.

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Sherine said...

what do we expect and every one doesnt wanna move 1cm out of it!!

Mohaly said...

It is not only about moving about...it is about ORGANIZATION & RESPECT...we arent the biggest city in terms of population but the most disorganized.

khateeb said...

"Home, There is no place like home.."