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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I support the Pay Forward Campaign (el PFC)!

I have seen part of the great movie again yesterday- slept while watching- and I said to myself, I will have a post in the morning to ask people to start this campaign. However, it seems that the concept has tempted Bo2bo2 too, so he post it. Anyway, it is not important who is posting first, the important thing is to adopt this concept.

The original concept is to pay forward something big to 3 different people that you don't know. I'd say let us start with 2 people only to make it easier, even 1 but let's start GIVING.

Amir -a blogger 2adeem :)- has added a html code to add to your site or blog if you are supporting this. http://bo2bo2.blogspot.com/2007/03/pay-it-forward-like-movie.html

Comments are open here and at Bo2Bo2 land to share thoughts or even experiences for the ones who already started.

P.S> as we succeeded togther in the PDC before let's succeed in the PFC :)



omar said...

i am in, will start with 1, and see the reaction

it will be a double shock in such a materialistic city like dubai

ahmed m. said...

great idea, but can it be really done?

amina said...

actually that is the same like sadakat al fitr where every muslim has to pay for each member of his family even if poor

i am for it

Yasmine Ismail said...

I love the movie and the idea, actually we applied it in NJ couple of years ago. It worked fine the begining but no one knows what happened next!


omar said...

mesh la3eb, eftakarooni magnoon, ya 3am di dubai!

Geeee said...

ma3lesh ya omar :D momken tegy masr we te3mel elly enta 3ayzo hena hatla2o nas keteer tefalesak we teb2a madyoon kaman :D