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Saturday, June 30, 2007

218) A new Stage!

Guys, starting tomorrow, I am starting a new phase in my business life where I stand on solid ground in the different stuff I do :) and since my business life is about 75% of my life, hence i decided to change my personal life as well and become closer to my friends..

This means that starting tomorrow I cant continue writing on daily basis like I did during the past 4 months. However, I promise not to write less than 20 posts per month; i.e average 2 posts every 3 days.



amina said...

rabena ma3ak, but this is not the start of the end, u know what i mean.

i really like this blog, keep on posting :)

Gypo said...

Rabbena yewaffa2ak ya Mohaly. khod 3andak dy men el she3arat el masreyya,"men naga7 ela naga7 wa ila el amam da2eman"