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Saturday, June 2, 2007

186) Honna Al Kahira - Part IX

Can you believe it? in Ter3et el maryotia in G.Cairo!!!!
1. Why the force with the donkey (their capital)?
2. Why the donkey in the stream aslan?
3. Why the hell is he naked??


amina said...

1. coz they're taking him for granted, ur words.
2. to wash him with the dirty water and make it more dirty.
3. REALLY dont know, may be to catch more and more Belharzia!

Fatiflower said...

Erraguel dakhel yesta7ama fel ter3a w 3ayez ye7amy 7oumarou, mosh kol ennas 3andaha bathtub fe beyoutha wala 2aslan maya bas shakl el 7oumar makansh mestandaf el maya :)

Gypo said...

eh ba2a ya 3am mohaly?
ana kont 7atet el soora dy fel post beta3 ennaharda fel drafts. a3mel eh ana ba2a delwa2ty?

Mohaly said...

gypo, i dont think anyone hasteaghrab if s/he found the same post on our blogs at the same time. We warned them and said twin minds :)