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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

199) Did we really reach this stage of 3onosa?!

1) Tastadeen 3areesan!! 2) Aham Hadaf!!
Ya 3eeni 3alena ya regala :(


Gypo said...

Tayyeb emta hayenzel ketab kayfa tastad 3aroosa?
Ana 3ayez wa7da ghaneyya regl 3al ard we regl fel akhra, sana walla sanatein asta7melhom ka2enny dakhalt el guesh. ba3d keda afda ba2a le le3b el golf we rokoob el kheil we swa2et el 3arabeyyat el sport. Ya salam.
El khof ba2a law el wa7ed estad wa7da men elly eshtaro ketab kayfa tastadeen 3arees, takhod elly warah welly oddamo we yerga3 el wa7ed bekhoffay 7onayyen.
Eh el habal dah???
we howwa fee 7ad beyeshtery el kalam dah? tayyeb momken 7ad yeshtery el ketab we yeb3athooly? a3raf bass ya3ny ezzay testady 3arees ya3ny?

Yasmine said...

lel asaf fi nas beteshtery el kalam da...

hena fe masr, women are treated as if they have an expiry date, to marry before the age of kaza... we kaza di ba2a varies according to the person, their perception, and experience.

Ya3ni ana my grandmother got married when she was 18, i'm 28, to her ana 3anes rasmy :D

we mesh bas 3anes, la2a we kaman menashefa demaghy we mesh ba2abel 3ersan... she's dealing with me as if i'm mentally unstable, as to her, getting married is a woman's only goal in life.

and we're talking about an educated, very active woman, not a typical housewife ya3ni...

fa imagine ba2a a less educated person's perception... it's scary to think about it...

fa homa byel3abo 3al watar el 7assas... "shaba7 el 3onousa" un-un un uuuuuun!!! Run for your life!!!

Mohaly will remember this, a (male) friend of ours used to say, "mafish 7al gheir mashrou3 el thary el 3araby, el wa7ed menena yedawar 3ala amir aw amira 3arabeya, yerafe2 aw yetgawez, howa we shatarto, wey3eesh metsattet we methany tool 7ayato" :D

Mohaly said...

yes i remember ya yasmine :)

I AM CALLING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF "3ANNOUS CLUB" where all guys and girls who consider or are considered 3anes join and UNITE..

We can have "3anes Parade" and "3anes & Proud", ya3ni akeed e7na a7san men es7abna eyahom eli beye3melo keda... mesh keda wala eihhh?!

Gypo said...

Tayyeb as7ab el application menein?
And Yasmine, you're right, this thing really stresses some girls. I knew a girl at the university whom I was always avoiding because she only opened one subject for discussion with every one. That she was already 22 and not even engaged yet, I always told her that this was normal that she'll get married soon and there was nothing to worry about. Actually she was married November the same year we graduated and gave birth to her first child on the first of august the following year. I was planning to visit her at home to congratulate her for getting married when I was told that she was expecting her child in two weeks time, I had to start counting the days since her marriage because it felt like she didn't even stay married for 9 months, and to my surprise it was exactly 9 months and 8 days!!!.
nOW SHE'S 29 we 3andaha besmellah masha2allah ragel beshanabat 3ando 5 seneen we 3aroosa 3ala wesh gawaz and expecting another nannoos soon.
Mesh 3aref bass ana mesh ma3a el gawaz fel sen el soghayyar abadan(da kan leta2yeed yasmine). But as for the book, mesh 3ayzeen mowazze3een fee ostoralya? el ketab dah yebee3 nar hena among the egyptian community.