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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

191) Mesh "Na2sa" kalam 3al "Naksa"!

Today marks 40 years since Nakset June 1967. All of our generation wasn't born at that time, and even our parents were in High school or College. However, till now we consider it the reason of what Egypt is passing through till now in spite of the following:

1. We have been living in peace since 28 years out of the 40!
2. Japan & Germany had a Waska in 1945, and 40 years later -1985- they were flying high.
3. The real Naksa of our generation was on August 2nd (Iraqi invasion).

I believe that we talk tooooo much about is it naksa or hazima, who is responsible for it...etc and forget that the real Naksa is what we are passing through now -corruption, ignorance, illness, ..etc- and if we didn't stop talking and start doing soon, we will be heading fast into another Moseeba not only Naksa!



Anonymous said...

That is very true.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

How u can differentiate of being talking too much or not? and if i said this post can be one of those too much, what u will say??

Mohaly said...

I will say you are playing your old game of mr.annoying in a serious post mesh 3ayza hezar.

and if you are not behazar, then publish what you as "not too much" on your blog...

again el mohem el action.