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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

193) How to lose a family in 10 says?

1. Ana Mo3gab Beeki
2. Ana Ba7ebik
3. Ana 3ayez Atgawezik
------------------------------------Gawaz Line
4. Ana As3ad wa7ed fel donya
5. Ana Mesh 3ayez asseebik abadan
6. Ana Dakhel anam we mesh 3ayez 7ad yesa7eeni
7. Ana Zah2an men el bet
8. Ana Khareg Shewaya ma3 so7abi
9. Ana Mesafer lewa7di
10. Ana mesh taye2ik wala taye2 el bet

What the hell happens between 5 and 6, and why didn't it continue building up?!
--Is it "taking her/him for granted"
--or "lack of vision and very quick development in the beginning that led to quick deterioration at the end"
--or "getting out passion in sex" or "bad sex"
--or "immaturity unprepared for responsibilities"
--or What?

It is a dilemma that this generation faces, that led to a 40% divorce rate (highest generation ever).


Gypo said...

Consider this:
-Egyptian psychology:
-Girls only take good care of theirselves for one reason, finding a groom. After marriage they start changing dramatically, gaining weight, stop putting on make up or perfumes. In brief they change into sett beit in less than a month(not all girls 3ashan ma7addesh yez3al menny).
-Guys on the other hand don't change that much, but girls finally see the truth. If we don't shave daily we look ugly(we can't shave daily coz it hurts and burns).
we smell if we don't take a shower twice a day(we always took a shower before we went out with you girls).
Guys are not really into staying home, they go out after work, they don't eat much, don't rest much that's why they stay in shape apparently. After marriage they stay with their wives, nothing to do at home other than eating and sleeping(guys gain weight, look ugly. girls hate guys who look like this, guys hate theirselves when they look like this but hate girls more because they made them look like this. 7add fahem 7aga?)
-Guys see girls looking ugly, guys don't need to look smart anymore, they let the beard grow, and start smelling.
girls think this is not the guy I loved, aho arda benaseeby we esmety. girls go into a depression mood, start eating more, don't care for the way they look, they become uglier,.............(ana nafsy maba2etsh fahem 7aga). They start turning in an infinite loop but they don't forget to say these words along the way...

Mohaly said...

again coz we take each other for granted...

marrying someone is different than owning someone.

Yasmine Ismail said...

You really are into marriage analysis guys!

Gypo, but problem happens and not only because of what you mentioned. They can still look perfect but act bad.


Gypo said...

Ok seriously this time. After marriage, a couple will start changing individually to suit their new life together until after a while they actually look and behave like a brother and sister. So if we start with two people from different families and different backgrounds, we can say that they are 100% two different persons, but after marriage this gap must be reduced from both sides by changing into what suits their new life by giving up old habbits and old lifestyles if the other partner doesn't like them. This way they meet somewhere in between(still different but can live with the other partner). The problems usually start when one partner doesn't want to change, so the sacrifice is only from one side, and the side who makes the sacrifice starts getting restless and not comfortable at home and not comfortable with the other partner.
Besides there's the stupidity factor, but there are no measures for it, one side will just start a stupid adventure that ends with a disaster.

Yasmine said...

my 2 cents :)
but before i say anything, i hope i dont offend anyone, this is merely my own perception, i could be wrong.

we're a spoiled, rude, irresponsible, dependent, uncompromising generation, and it's all because of how our parents raised us.

from day one our parents have been overprotective of us, not exposing us to life and its hazards as they should, not allowing us to wrestle with our troubles on our own, without stepping in, taking the responsibility and damage (if any) for us.

"mama ana 3ayez mayya" 7ader ya 7abibi
"mama ana ga3an" 7ader ya 7abibi
"mama el wageb sa3b" a3melhoulak ana ya 7abibi
"baba ana 3ayez mobile" 7ader ya 7abibi
"baba ana 3awez laptop zay so7aby" 7ader ya 7abibi

then there's the "mategrish la7san to2a3", "khaleek enta ya 7abibi ana harou7 el tansee2 badalak la7san tetbahdel", "ta3ala koll ya 7abibi la7san enta haftan (wel wad aslan mesh 3aref yemshi men kotr el tokhn"

and so on and so forth....
(i'm not saying it's only males who get treated this way, girls do too, i'm not discriminating in any way)

now how can a person raised this way ever be responsible and up for the challenges of life and marriage...

tab3an we'll develop into someone who doesnt want to listen to higher management at work, because we never learned the meaning of discipline, we'll never take responsibilities and difficulties as part of life, because there was always mommy and daddy there to take care of that for us.
we dont believe they should put in effort and make compromises because we always had things presented to us on a silver platter...

and it's not just educated, class A people, it's all of the population...
the maid who works at our house is getting into serious debt to pay for her unemployed son's wedding, a grown man who refuses to get a job because he's getting everything he wants without lifting a finger!

not to mention that media has a big role in how distorted our perception of relationships is...
name one movie, ONE, that correctly portrays the true incompatibilities between 2 people, even if they were madly in love and had lots in common...
it's always, boom! love at first sight, boom! they can read each other's minds, boom! they do everything possible for each other, boom! they get married and live happily ever after...

that happily ever after is far from reality... the reality of gained weight, big bellies, bad breath in the morning, annoying little habits, bad moods, stressful responsibilities, etc etc...

we are not ready for marriage, and that's why we get shocked once we are, because we find out, to our utter disgust, that happily ever after is a myth, a myth that we've been fed from the day we were born... and it's like telling a kid that santa claus doesnt exist.

i say we, because i think that's the case of most of our generation... there are exceptions i'm sure, but i'm also sure that each of us will find that we are fitting that profile at one point or another...