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Thursday, June 7, 2007

194) Contradictions in our Lives - Part VIII

In spite of the fact that NONE of us -including the one who wrote it- believe that this is true, we still post such signs everywhere in Egypt!!!
P.S. Tab3an immortality di 2alsha kebeera, and if it proves something, that we are still thinking same way like the Pharaohs but on the emotional level only coz on the mental level, we need another millennium to reach them (7aga keda zay back to the future!!)


Gypo said...
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Yasmine Ismail said...

I wish :)


Yasmine said...

ok... some of you will think i'm nuts...
but i do find life, happiness and cure (not immortality though)

Allow me to elaborate;

with all the shit, corruption, ignorance, abuse, etc... egypt is a beautiful country.
where can you find a wide open space like the white desert where you can reclaim your inner peace, sinai where you can contemplate God's might and creation, Aswan and Luxor where you can admire the Nile at its raw and natural beauty... i could go on forever...

the problem is not in egypt my friend, the problem is in its people.
yet if i was given the choice and freedom to pick a home, i would stay right here, as this is the home i know, and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.

tab wel 3amal? u'll ask me...
i still believe a proactive attitude will help improve, even if by 0.01%...
Be correct and right in everything you do, follow the right procedure in everything you do; dont pay bribes to get your papers done more quickly, help fix/improve whenever you can, even if you think it's futile, you never know whose life you will affect.

Mohaly is probably surprised i'm talking this, as i'm usually VERY skeptical, but really, i think if we want things to improve, we should start by ourselves, and then spread it around us

i hope i wasnt too fa23a with my "idealistic" talk (i know it is)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Bravo ya Farahat ya gameed :)
Recalling "Hussain Fahmy fe Mafia, The Egyptian movie, we love our mothers not cause of they are beautiful, but cause of they are our mother and same for Egypt"

and having 7aga zay keda fel share3 for me is is the same like what WE used to do in our previous job "having free advertising spaces on your website can be good to promote for your services, it's just if you can make use of it!! and most of the time it's annoying"

:) keda wala eah??