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Friday, June 22, 2007

210) Guys & Girls, What & How?!

P.S> Before I start, I am not talking about myself or anyone specific. I am just talking here as one of the big loosers when it comes to romantic relationships.

Guys: What is the right way to approach a girl if you like her?

Girls: What is the right way to approach a guy if you like him?

Guys and Girls: How would you know if you like him/her aslan?



omar said...

Ermi el so2al wegri :)

Fatiflower said...

Before approaching a girl or a guy you should first make sure that the way is free for such approaching through her friends or maybe an innocent conversation with her/him without giving the impression that you have any purpose behind your detection...once the way is free and you feel that the current is flowing between each other, you can feel the current because your souls are talking before your tongues, and you have this strong feeling that you want to be with each other,after this use your words by looking straight in each other's eyes use explicit way of expressing your feelings, don't be shy both girl or man because love is a legitimate human right.
Personally, I think that being direct is the most efficient way to reach your goal (by experience :)

omar said...

not all the girls like it direct ya fati!

Fatiflower said...

I agree and this is the classical way of expressing one's feelings, sensual words that maybe one don't feel every but just because people used to say such words in such situations. But,the best experienced way is to be direct and at the same time sensual feeling every word coming out of your mouth, because it's coming out from you heart crossing your brain, ready to fulfill any promise. Direct doesn't mean to be rigid or mechanic in expressing your feelings but it's like thinking and feeling in a loud voice without any masks.

Fatiflower said...

Eh Ya Mohaly masme3nash ra2yak fel mawdou3 :)

Mohaly said...

I am the last person to talk about it...I had never had a relation that exceeded 3 months!!

J. Peri Vida said...

Yeah, I have those same questions Mohaly? Should a girl tell a guy if she likes him? What if she's not sure she likes him and she wants to find out?!

Same question for guys, they like a girl, yet not sure if it's a true feeling, should they get closer or what?