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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

192) Watch out from getting Tanned!

Summer is starting (except 3and Gypo) and all of us like getting tanned. It looks sexy and yummi but do you know that there is a dark side of it?

According to the Weekly Spark many people assume that a tan protects them, when in fact a tan is actually a sign of skin damage. Tanning is the skin’s reaction to UV radiation from the sun or an artificial tanning bulb. When skin is exposed to UV rays, it tries to protect itself by producing a brown pigment called melanin, which darkens the cells of the outer layer of skin. Tanning is your skin’s imperfect defense mechanism against further damage, and darker tans cause the most permanent damage.

So did you like my new tan ;)


amina said...

we di mezet el higab :)

Gypo said...

Saba7 el kheir ya masr from the land down under. I read a research about skin cancer in australia, and it was found that next to European immigrants came the Egyptian immigrants regarding the number of cases being treated in Australia, and that was for two main reasons, the first was that although we have dark skin we're normally not subjected to high UV exposure. And the second thing is that Egyptians here don't seek any medical advice if they notice any change in the skin colour before it was too late, and they never use sunscreen lotions.

Here are some recommendations for you:
1- Avoid tanning between 10am-4pm as the UV concentration is highest during these hours.
2- Use sunscreen (mesh 3eeb en el welad kaman yesta3melooh)
3- Observe any non uniform change in skin colour, specially red spots or areas that appear on your skin.
4- If you have any birth marks, take extra care observing the shape, colour and size of these birth marks as these are active spots and can easily start skin cancer.
5- matgoosh Australia 3ashan we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, we rabbena yostor(3alayya).

Gypo said...

Amina, by the way, clothes reduce but don't stop the penetration of UV rays to the skin.

Yasmine said...

good tips gypo :)

i'd like to add a few:
- wearing tightly woven fabrics reduce UV penetration, but doesnt totally eliminate it.

- Use sunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 15; the higher the SPF the better, and the more sensitive your
skin is, the higher the SPF you should use. SPF go up to 100.

- Reapply sunblock frequently, especially if you swim or sweat.

- tanning oil does NOT protect from the sun.

- Apply sunblock even while sitting in the shade, as the sand reflects up to 80% of sun rays.

- dont be fooled by the wind/cool breeze, it doesnt minimize the effect of the sun, it just keeps the skin cool and you dont feel yourself burning.

Egyptians have one the highest rate because unfortunately we're ignorant when it comes to sun exposure and sunburns.
You should see how awfully sunburnt egyptians holidaying at the red sea are, to the point of blistering!

i remember i was mocked throughout my childhood and teen years by my friends because i used to wear sunblock :)