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Friday, June 15, 2007

203) Honna Al Kahira - Part X - All in 1 Traffic Light!

I see this traffic light very symbolic of how Egypt is being run!
You say what you want, and the government do what it wants!
The problem is: what is the use of the traffic light if all colors are on aslan?!!!
At least you have the freedom of choosing the color! we 3agabi!


omar said...

that is very true!

anyway ana ba7eb el a7mar, bas i am gonna go anyway, it is egypt man

The Anti said...

Hi, came here by chance to read post 204 and then saw this one.

7ad khad balo en el sahre3 kolo dalma, we shoret mubarak bas eli menawara :)

The Anti!

Geeee said...

this is for decoration ya mohaly .. lessa mesh wa7'ed balak :D 3alashan kolena neb2a menawareen kda .. sha3b menawar we beta3 :P