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Thursday, June 21, 2007

209) Happy Summer!

Today is the official start of the summer and longest day in the year (almost 16 hours of daylight). So what are your plans for this summer (that is gonna be one of the hottest ever av. 37-40 degrees)?


omar said...

summer menyael benela, el denya 7ar mooot fe dubai

Gypo said...

bass ba2a mat2atta3oosh alby. No more gold coast crazy summer days, no more sunshine coast, la2enno mafeesh sunshine aslan. E7na 3andena fe Australia zayy England keda mafeesh shams for the whole winter(although Queensland is called the sunshine state because it's always clear bass beteb2a bard). Mohaly I thought the longest day(shortest hena) was the 26th of june not the 21st!!. check this one out please.

Gypo el bardan fee ard el nesyan.

Mohaly said...

I checked
June 21st the longest

December 20th the shortest,

but it is the opposite in Australia