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Thursday, June 14, 2007

201) Personal ::: Happy Birthday Yasmine

Today, one my best friends & blog stars YASMINE FARAHAT is celebrating her ........ hmmm let's say 18th birthday ;)
Yasmine has been a very supportive, sincere, and just about right friend during the past 5 years.

I wish her best of Luck, and to accomplish her goals in the professional and personal life :)

Happy Birthday


Yasmine said...

mala2etsh soura aw7ash men di ya mohaly?? :)))

Thank you very much, i'm really touched :))

Mohaly said...

be3aks, i see it one of the natural and very nice photos :)


Yasmine Ismail said...

oh, happy birthday babe ;)


Fatiflower said...

Happy Birthday Yasmie, I am happy to have known you on Mohaly's Blog and I wish to meet you in real life.

Yasmine said...

thank you guys very much :)))