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Sunday, January 31, 2010

651) Personal ::: Would You Marry Me?!

Would you Marry Me?
A hard question and harder answer. Someone who decided to share the rest of his life with someone is asking this "someone" to do the same and reach the same decision.
Would you Marry Me?
You may live and die without saying it, or making it come true.
Would you Marry Me?
"2en 2olt matkhafsh, we 2en khoft mat2olsh". If you are afraid, don't say it, and if you said it, don't be afraid.
Would you Marry Me?
Usually the guy say it, but sometimes the woman has enough guts to do it.

Would you Marry Me?
Age: A guy in his mid 30s.
Education: Good education, post graduate degrees.
Job/Reputation: Has a reputable job and positioning in the society, perceived as an intellectual between his peers and friends. Has no enemies (but himself sometimes).
Personality: Very practical yet dreamer, decisive (stubborn?) yet a listener. Into home, family, and kids (adores kids), and doesn't socialize a lot (not outgoing). Not Typical in his thoughts or actions, a mix between western thinking and eastern feelings.
Location: Travels a lot in and outside Egypt. Doesn't believe in leaving Egypt, yet planning not to live in Cairo on the long term (by the Sea).
Class: Socioculturally Upper Class, Financially Upper Middle (Mastoura wal Hamdullah), Reputable Family.
Religion: Muslim, loves his religion but respects all other relegions as well ... moderate approach of islam focusing on morals, helping others, and doing essential duties.
Political View: Moderate, more into liberal. Not member of any party, yet taking part in public work on the social front.
Official Relations: Read Fatha once (semi-Engaged), wasn't married before.
Positives: Very sincere when he loves, punctual, respects himself and others, assertive, and kind.
Negatives: Sometimes stubborn (extremely stubborn when it has to do with time), not easy on himself and sometimes others (perfectionist), all ambitions have to do with his mission and family and not money, get bored easily (high maintenance), and burdened by bigger issues. Not a simple or easy character by all means, and Freedom of thought and action is his main value that he can't afford to lose even if married to ten!


Would you Marry me?
(no specific person in mind)

P.S> This is the first post I am writing after the mild concussion I had from last week's car accident. Do you think that it has any effect on me?!!


Anonymous said...

mild concussion effects eh bass, I love this post!

When I'm ready one day, I'm so posting something on the same stand!

I salute your transparency! :)

Ze2red said...

Mild bs!!!. Ya nas 7ad yel7a2 3ares lo2ta and mariage proposal 3al mal2. I'm so in love with post. Ya bakhtah the lucky girl ;-).

It wasn't a lie when they said aquairus are unpredictable.

Anonymous said...


wow marriage, when visiting my parents i always skirt the subject (people here in NYC marry in their late 30's/early 40's)...it flat out scare's me! give yourself a couple of days to repair and those marriage thoughts will go away :)....

glad you're up and about godspeed!

Anonymous said...

no :) ,but you sound like a good friend though.

Mohaly said...

Thank u :)

who said that we are unpredictable? ... the word predictable is not in our dictionary aslan :)
But what made u say so?

thanks, i hope so :)

enti meen ;)

Anonymous said...

ya bakhtaha the lucky girl fi3lan, i am sure she will say yes not because you have all those good traits but her heart chose you.
mabrok moqadaman

Ze2red said...

Apparently, no one saw this post coming.

True predictable is not a defined word in our dictionary. That's why my friends say i'm unpredictable most of the time :), and looks like you fall in the same category.

I also surfed online for the personality traits, and to celebrate my birthday there is in-depth post coming out by the end of the week "maybe". This is a part of it:

[ Aquarians are very friendly, interesting people, great conversationalists and thinkers. They are regularly involved in some kind of intellectual study or debate, but never really let on to others how well informed they really are. Because of this they are unpredictable and full of surprises, you can never tell what an Aquarian will do next, and will hardly let you know what their motives are.]

Now the question back to you, do u think it's the concussion effect, or are u serious about it?

Mohaly said...

ze2red: totally true, and happy birthday in advance :)

To answer ur question:
I know for sure it is about time to share my life with someone and let her share her life with me. But I am also sure that I won't just do it for the sake of it or coz I need it. It is either sharing it with the right person, or stay in my single track. And I don't believe in the age deadline crap, and that is why I am saying it bluntly I do prefer Egyptian women who were raised in Europe or the US, I feel being myself more with them.
This doesn't mean that I am against Egyptian women, they are the best mothers and very tolerant as well. but I am very faaaar from typical perception about marriage in Egypt, and just can't tolerate it.
May be this post is an internal shout coming out with the concussion. I dunno.

Anonymous said...


it's a nice proposal, but it would have been much nicer if it's personalized... you know, whoever she is, she deserves that much, so i suggest you save it for the right one instead of making it a public announcement, you know women get all crazy about being special and all!!

and i am all for the idea of the concussion being the reason behind that urge to settle ;)

7amdela 3al salama (3al 7adsa)

Ze2red said...

Mohaly: Thanks for the birthday wish :)

commenting on the answer: hmmm... interesting.

now the new question, which i would love to see in a post is, How does the woman of your dreams look like?

we should take advantage of the concussion :p begmlt el faday7 ba2a :D

Mohaly said...

i would have loved to have personalized, but ..... i needed to get it out, and believe me when i find the right person, this public proposal will be nothing beside the private one.

Mohaly said...

ze2red: u really wanna take advantage :)

it is hard to describe, and it got harder now coz i have already met the girl of my dreams but she is engaged, and they (the couple) are really matching.

when u said "look like" u mean physically?

Ze2red said...

Ok, this sucks :(
BUT this means that she is not the one, have faith. Your other half is still out there maybe you met her and didn't notice or didn't meet her yet.

and i meant her personality actually, but why not yalla kaman physically if you will be comfortable to say that on public :)

extremely taking advantage :D

Mohaly said...

Ze2red, I don't think it is wise to talk about what I am looking for. You never know may be documenting it this way will deprive me and her or a good chance...One thing I can tell is that we have to share same values and vision, this is the core, rest are negotiable.

I KNOW that I will KNOW that it is her, when I KNOW her :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

yaaah dah saf banat hayo2af 3ala babak ya Mohaly 3ashan ya3'tanemo el forsa el dahbya di :)

A concussion isn't something that happens everyday. forsa wenta mesh fi wa3yak 7ad ye2olak "I do" :)

I agree with Inso, it would have been nicer if it was personalized but I am sure when the right person shows up you won't need a concussion to spill you heart out :)

Love will be enough ;)

Mohaly said...

Shaimaa & insomniac: generally speaking, u cant compare public and private here, it is an internal shout at special circumstances.
After some thought, no it wouldn't have been nicer coz this is a general statement, and the real proposal is a private one, no comparison here.
ana 7ases eni bakharaf rasmi, i have to get well soon 2abl matfede7 or adabes!!!.

Ze2red said...

@ Mohaly: 7assa be dokhan tale3 men rasy, e7raaag :D

i loved how you put it that way "I KNOW that I will KNOW that it is her, when I KNOW her :)"

ya rab tetkhbet keda 2oryeb, w aho concussion fe concussion w enta mesh wakhed balak :D

@ Shimaa and Insomniac: do u think if he put out a general random proposal in public like that, that we will be ever seeing the private one?. Matkhfoosh i have a deep feeling he will rock on his private proposal and we will not hear about it lel2asa :(

Noly said...

Msh 3arfa leh I'm not convinced with this post yemkn 3shan 7aset en 3amel zay gaw gawaz el salonat, or maybe I have a different point of view in love.

bos I'll say my point of view w 5las :).First of all you don't have to mention all these details and positive things, coz your right soul mate will accept and love you as you are. She won't care how classy are you or even if you are not Dr. Mohamed yeb2a 5las msh enta fata el a7lam el monaseb.

I remember when my ex-fiance proposed to me, our conversation was this way:

Him: will you marry me?

I: you proposed for the nice,funny,..... Noha that you know. But will you marry the nervous, stubborn,crazy Noha?!

Secondly: as they are all above mentioned you are a (3ares lo2ta)bas el fekra lo2ta for whom?
You will be lo2ta for the girls who are taking the marriage issue 1+1=2. He has so and so and he is so and so bas sa3etha they are taking you coz of what you have not for whom you are ( NOT FOR MOHAMED ALY HIMSELF). I guess you are looking for love before marriage not marriage w 5las. enta fe3lan lo2ta bas lo2ta fy 3en the one who really loved you and chose you not for anything else. 3ala fekra ana ma2sodtch ay 7aga we7sha hena 5ales bas ana batklm in case en this girl doesn't know you aslan. lakn enta sharf ly ay 7ad ya fandem :).

Finally ba2a don't search for love, el 7agat dy btegy lowa7daha w aked aked ISA you will meet her on the right time Allah (SWT) katbo lek. w 3ala fekra ba2a don't say I won't afford msh 3arfa eh even if I'm married to ten 3shan you will be married for only one bas bcoz you really loved her, you will do anything for her even if this thing against your will or desire.
Sorry for writing all this long comment and again I'm saying I have a different point of view, may be all of you are right wana ely wrong :).

P.S: I second the girls if this post was specialized kan hyb2a a7la, estana ya Mohaly till you write it to special person who really deserves it :).wadena kolna aho m3ak single w bnsaly ba3d :D.

insomniac said...

lol @ the atfede7 or addabes remark!

yeah you better recover...

but i think you're almost there; you did not want to document a specific description... this is not someone still under the influence of a concussion :)

and of course i get that there is no comparison between this post and what you shall say in private... good luck!

deppy said...

This post made me smile, thank you :)

I agree with shimaa when she said "dah saf banat hayo2af 3ala babak ya Mohaly 3ashan ya3'tanemo el forsa el dahbya di"
So you better get well soon inshalah :)

Mohaly said...

It seems that ana 3aket when i wrote this post...
but i will just keep it..
it is part of me, and who i am..

excuse me I gotta go organize my schedule for the interviews ;) :p

Ze2red said...

la2 ma3ketsh wala 7aga, i was so happy to know more about the person who own this fantastic blog.

And why the thought of removing it, it works fine instead of your profile.

w matkhfsh mesh handwarlak 3ala 3arosa :D

Mohaly said...

Thanks Ze2red :))

Akher wa7ed can bare gawaz salonat is me :)

Anyway, thanks my dear readers for baring me in this post. We rabena yekremna gamee3an with the right partner.

Wa 2deena bensali ba3d as u guys said :))

lao said...

1st 7amdella 3ala salamtak.
2nd im really amazed by u...i want 2 give u an advice even if im smaller than u bas 2s2al megarab:),dont ever think of marriage bec.u got bored of being single or just to make a change in ur life or even if ur mother and all ur familly beyzeno 3aleyk to get married.ITS A LIFE TIME DECISION.

Mohaly said...


1st thank u
2nd dont worry from this point at all. I know how to control myself. I don't believe in deadlines for marriage in general and specially for guys.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Spot on:
• (no specific person in mind)
• I do prefer Egyptian women who were raised in US, I feel being myself more with them.
• believe me when I found the right person this public ....
• I have already met the girl of my dreams but she is engaged.
• Wa 2deena bensali ba3d as u guys said :))

Bravo - but do u really consider love & marriage fedi7a? concentrate fel interviews and enjoy to the max, today seems to be your day.

R.'Eltayeb said...

guys, yalla netsala and let me tell u my story.

I met him on ‘one of those sites’. his replies were cute. his thoughts were brilliant. we exchanged pictures, conversations, songs, clips, videos. I got attached to his words, to the person behind them, and to the mind who believed to the ideas in the messages. and I felt that we had mutual interest in each other. and it was 7aga te7ayar! Ooh! avoid details. my heart was beating. my mind sent shudders to my body- yes. I am saying that I loved him before even I met him. and there was no ice to melt. his name on my inbox put an instant smile on my face. and one day I wanted to hide from the screen into his arms begad when he said “feel that I need someone in my life as sincere as u...” I was a happy person. but I have been confused for a long time. and suddenly(but for a fatal reason), I replaced my heart with a rock, and blocked him. he took me for granted and I have no one else to blame but myself. enough. I wont give him another chance to waste. he is not the right person.

girls, dont build ur dreams on someone who wont make them come true - becoz it does hurt. Oh yes. it does.

ah! never mention your wish for kids or that you dream of a cute baby boy who looks like him and has a special name. or how ur home should look like. or how a woman should be with her husband - until he is officially ur fiance.

Mohaly said...

Rawani you did 2 mistakes:

1. You assumed that he has same feelings while apparently he never mentioned that.
2. You assumed that he took you for granted while it seems that your relation was virtual friendship from the beginning till the end.

My advice is to put things in their right positions. If he deserves your friendship, then don't miss such a pure relationship, and don't mess it with 1-sided love as well.

Noly said...

Hello Rawani :),

your bad experience was your fault from the very start. You tried to believe and live in something not real. Any love relationship must be real not virtual w aslan to wish to share with someone all your lifetime ba3d keda msh 7aga sahla wala btegy sahla to imagine it with someone you have never seen him before!

w 3ala fekra engagement msh daman that you will continue together to mention ba3daha ay wish you have! keter a2wy relationships byb2a 5las el fara7 momken bokra w suddenly they break up w 5elset el 7ekaya!

mn el a5r mafesh ay 7aga fel donya madmona wala ay 7ad madmon 100%.mafesh ghar rabena w howa ely byestorha m3ana. tol manty el 7aga dy msh bta3tek mate7lamesh beha wala tefra7y enha gat leky a2wy 3shan f la7za kol 7aga momken tero7 wenty fel a25r ely tet3aby! w a2dena benet3alem :). Good luck in your life w ISA you will meet your right partner but the real one :) ;)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Rawani, first I really like your name :)

Second, I don't think you did anything wrong. The only mistake you did is something common between females, we shut down our minds. As one of my ex's always said, el bent beto2a3 mn wedanha.
You just opened up but for the wrong person.
A common mistake, not a fatal one ya3ny :) makansh fi ragel 7ab wa7da wala etgawezha if women really judged men with their minds!

As Mohaly mentioned, the guy was never clear about his feelings. Which btw never means that he didn't have feelings for you. It only means that his feelings were never strong enough to man up and admit them. Men play the "it is only friendship that I want" card after giving all types of mixed signs just to play safe. yemseko el 3asya mn el nos ya3ny. adeky mawgoda tesaleeh and he has no sort of obligation towards you. and ay kelma hat2oleha hay2olek "we are friends, friends have no right to ... etc"

So, I don't think you will need such a friend in your life. Assuming he is a good person who will really be a good friend but based on experience, I strongly doubt his intentions. If he was a friend he wouldn't have made you feel like this in the 1st place.

Women are never wrong about their feelings. We know when someone is into us. It is instinct. It is how serious those feelings can be that we can't tell.

Don't blame urself, it is just another lesson learnt. Next time don't fully shutdown your mind.

Good luck dear :)

Mohaly said...

Allow me to disagree ya Shaimaa as what you are saying may be right if it was a real relation not just some items exchanged over the internet with people who never met or even talked!!

It seems that I need to write a post regarding mixed signs from men's point of view!

R.'Eltayeb said...

2ely teshoufou Mohaly. 3ayela O 3'eltet. but Allah knows better.. I have enough, so please dont come and add one more burden on me by accusing me that I did ‘mistakes’. and by the way it was not just some items exchanged over the internet. and who told u that we never met or talked. anyway, the tragedy is over and the failure is complete. the question is not that he deserves my friendship or not, mayenfa3sh neb2a friends aslan now. I turn my head and go away hoping that next year he will be happier, wealthier, and wiser.

R.'Eltayeb said...

Noly, yes dear. you are right. nothing is for sure. no one is certain of anything. O ne3ma bAllah. but I guarantee there’ll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, I am gonna want to get out of this thing. al7amdulellah and I regret nothing. Thank you for the support and for being there in time of need and for your nice wishes :)

Shaymaa, thank you for the compliment :) and thank you for understanding. I also dont think that I can keep him as a friend. or a brother masalan. huh! I wanna take your opinion in something, but in a private word please. I am happy to know you. that is one benefit of the blogs. kind of getting to know new people even if we have never met.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Yes please do ya Mohaly, I was planning to write about the women's instinct and how they perceive men's signs. But these days I only plan I never write :)

I will do anything just to get into a man's mind :) So please write about the mixed signs. Make it a priority :)

@ Rawani, I am so happy to get to know you. I think I should thank Mohaly for letting me know many interesting people.
You can always contact me on shimaagamal@gmail.com
Or add me on facebook :) I am the shimaa with 2 friends in common :)

Mohaly said...

Rawani: Sorry if my words caused u any pain. But I was caring about seeing you stronger till u meet the right person for you.
Da Naseeb.

R.'Eltayeb said...

No Comment.

deppy said...

Can't wait for your posts Mohaly & Shimaa :)

Mohaly said...

I am thinking of writing more than a part about it. It is a big issue, and I need to do some research as well to support my point/male points of view.

But I need to go further with "The Vision Series" first.

sherry said...

Hi there, what a post ! U always surprise me with what U write...I guess I understand it in a different way...
I read few comments about tabor el banat & gawaz el salonat...yet, this post makes everything Unconvential & very witty......
Hope U find this girl but Im sure no one interested in this post will fit with ur mind!
I read it as a shout by guy with no social life...very busy guy....
Take it easy Mohaly n go to cheerful places...mesh kollo sho3'ol.....Good luck & alf salama 3alaik

Mohaly said...

sherry: very true!

Nerro said...

:)) I like that
if it wasn't for the "not easy on himself and sometimes others (perfectionist)" bit..I would have said I do. Who wouldn't like you to be the father of her children ya3ni :D Good luck buddy.

Mohaly said...

Afham men keda en lesa feh 2amal ;)

Anonymous said...

7elwa di ana 3arees lo2ta

merhan said...

For those who know Mohaly from the blog only he really described himself in an objective way,but i can tell u that if he find his soulmate she will be lucky but she has to be deep in love to overcome a lot of obstacles in the way i mean to adjust to some of his weird thoughts about normal daily life (mohaly u know what i mean)i really hope u can find her soon 3ashan atamen 3aleik that somebody will torture u :))
As for Rawani,i dont want to be over blunt as others but u thought u were in love with somebody who didnot feel the same way about u,first thing about being in a real relationship is the mutual attraction the desire to meet and share feelings not only stuff on the net .i am old fashioned i know but i want to know what r the new trends to be in love ? please tell me i am still confused ,however let go and be a optimist and wait for love it will come isa.

Mohaly said...

Mashi ya Merhan grrrr

we kaman torture me ..

bas 3andek 7a2, the girl who will marry me, if she is not in love with me and my "weird stuff" hatet3ab 2awi :))

Mohaly said...

Rabena yehdeky ya Rawani and use all the nice feelings inside u in something positive that make u happy :)

merhan said...

By the way i meant torture in a good way not a bad one :))
u know i mean well but looking forward to meet her she has to be unique and lovely to be worthy of u but donot get cocky and picky

Mohaly said...

mashi ya Merhan , bet7awli tezabaty el kalam :)
torture in a good way !! first time to hear it...hmm .. el 7okoma bet2oul keda bardo!

Mohaly said...

estani, meen da eli get cocky?
Ya ret, Actually I should be a bit more cocky coz I feel that some people wakhdeen 3alaya bezayada.
But not with everyone tab3an :)

Ze2red said...

@ Mohaly: when people fall in love they are tortured in a good way. you will be Mr. nice/mean guy at the same time.

3awzaaa atfrag 2oryeb ba2a :D

R.'Eltayeb said...

Merhan, dear, I am not upset. but I just felt throughout ur comment that u have not the will to change ur mind and neither do I. and I was slightly confused a couple of times:
1. Who said am pessimist?! that's a proof you dont know me 7'aless :)
2. How can you judge our relation's nature when u dont know us? just was a bit down. I kept all details to myself and have the right to enjoy my privacy.
as for love, I dont think I have something to tell; its all about feelings. e7ssas mech kalam Merhan. lama te7esih hate3rafih whether u r old-fashioned or free-minded.
Thank you for your concern Merhan and always keep me in ur prayers :)

merhan said...

Mohaly mashi ...mashi ana ha3mel nefssi mosh wakhda balli :)
Rawani ,i am so sorry if i didnot understand what u went through however we all had setbacks and i didnot mean that u r a pessimist hardly if u knew me u will know i only see good in people and never judge may be i didnot feel from from your words that you were being truly loved and the sole center of his attention.however what i meant is that isa you will meet someone who really appreciate u and definitely u r in my prayers.

Mohaly said...

Guys, Check this out


it can be part 2 of this post :)

Ze2red said...

Lol... i just checked your comment.
nice to know that you think of it as part 2.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Mohaly you should add a link to a form so that girls who are interested fill it :)

7aram 3aliek 2oloob el 3azara ba2a :)

E N G Y said...

As I was always dreaming to be asked this question..and as it never happens in real, cause it's always eaither arranged or if it's based on love story, fa 90% of times, girls start asking "when will we make it official?" or something like this.
Fa as u may be the only person asking this question, fa lazem antahez el forsa "I do":)))

Mohaly said...

2 nice cute intellectual ladies said I do here :) how lucky i am :))

Ze2red said...

ya bakhtak, ma7desh 2adak ;)

Anonymous said...

guess i am couple of months late for commenting at this post, yet its never too late.
it sounded beautiful when i first read it. but when i re-read it, it sounds strange.
i have only one advise for you: just make sure that the girl you would propose to loves you for who you are, accepts your negatives before appreciating your positives.
what you have listed here is tempting for many girls to say yes. only those criterias might not stay forever and most of them are none of your earnings (family, social standard, financial issues).
so what do you have to offer to her to earn her "yes"?
it should be of your own work, not something inherited like the above. yaani your morals, principles, personal behaviour, way of giving, etc.
just make sure she sees the real you and accepts it.

Mohaly said...

I agree Anon. and I like the depth in what you said.

Being ok with negatives comes first before positives. Many girls do the same and think that I am 3arees lo2ta but if they dont consider the whole package with all the negative sides as well it wont be fair for both of us.

p.s. i did right about the stuff i did myself, and by the way i almost inherited nothing, the money i have comes from my own personal savings.

kindly write ur name when commenting.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your compliment.
actually what i meant with inheritance is not money only. it includes: your famous family, your social and financial standard, and even your education.these things are not "earned" by your own hands, but are given to you from God. you didnt choose your family or standard or financial level.even your work. success is partially your tiral and partially a helping hand from God.
this is what i meant by inheritance.

i never believed in 3arees or 3aroossa lo2ta.
lo2ta for who? who is the right partner? who would appreciate "the package"? what does the 3arees or 3aroossa lo2ta have to offer when they are 70, beauty, health and famous are gone?
lo2ta is a very tricky word.hope you wouldnt fall in this trap.

and it is not only "being ok with negatives" but LOVING these negatives and able to handle and accpet them as they do with the positives.

sorry, i usually dont mention my name when i write online.
if this upsets you, kindly tell. i'd stop then.

Mohaly said...

Anon: I hate lo2ta too coz i believe that there is no one man fits all, but from experience there are some stuff that many "Families" have stuffed girls minds with about the 3arees till he becomes lo2ta even if 70!

inheritance, I know, and I am proud of both what my family left me and what i did on my own.

Loving negatives.... isnt it dreamy.

For the name can u please write Ms.X at least i can distinguish u from other anonymous people.

Anonymous said...

good that you agree that there is no 3arees lo2ta. u gave this impression at the beginning and this is exactely what made me want to write.
there is no 3arees lo2ta nowadays for girls-at least of my circle-, for girls prefer to remain single than marrying someone keda we khalas or someone who thinks of himself as 3arees lo2ta.

loving negatives is not dreamy, it is the most actual/real concept in true love from a female perspective. a female, when in true love, is usually fully aware of all negatives of the man she loves. she just doesnt mention them to him, knowing very well it would hurt his pride. and this is the last thing she would want to do.

Ms X is fair enough. i will keep it this way if i write here again.

Anonymous said...

Did you finish organizing your schedule for the interviews????
Well, I will be the interviewer and you will be the interviewee. DEAL
I’ll ask you many questions- if you don't mind - in order to know more about yourself and your thought (mindset) although I know it very well even more than YOU know(you are a typical Aquarius) …but I’ll ask you a question you asked in post “ 785.” . I read you answer but I need more elaboration; how they know that they are Compatible let’s widen the scope and make it for every level not only one ISSUE “ What do you think????
Second did hear before about the word” Serendipity” what do you think about it??? It is one of my best movies ever. I don’t know what is the relation between winter and ROMANIC movies .I usually watch such movies in winter I don’t know WHY???
Sarah: Serendipity... It's one of my favorite words.
Jonathan: It is? Why?
Sarah: 'Cause it's such a nice sound for what it means: a fortunate accident. Except I don't really believe in accident. I think fate's behind of everything.
Jonathan: Oh you do?
Sarah: Yeah
Jonathan: Fate's behind everything?
Sarah: I think so.
Jonathan: Everything's predestined we don't have any choice at all?
Sarah: No, I think we make our own decisions. I just think that fate sends us little signs, and it's how we read the signs that determines whether we're happy or not.
Jonathan: Little signals...
Sarah: Yeah...
Jonathan: Fortunate accidents, lucky discoveries; probing into other’s soul and discovering their sensitive nature.
During the interview I will let you see a scene and will discuss it with you

Anonymous said...