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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

643) Burj "El Rayyes" !

Yesterday was the grand opening of the tallest man made building in the history of mankind "Burj Khalifa" formerly known as Burj Dubai.

Although I was amazed to see such great structure and ability to deliver, but I was shocked for having this negative fingerprint at the very end of the project. I mean changing the name of a well-known and waited for project at the last minute to hold the name of the country president & AbuDhabi ruler instead of the name of the city it was built on its land.

I know that you may say this is because Khalifa has just bailed Dubai out and saved it from bankruptcy, but they should have paid him back in another way instead of this sudden and confusing change (so far $2M is lost coz of changing the whole branding and gifts).

Even if they were so desperate and there was nothing else to do, they would have played it smarter by calling it Burj Emirates (the name of the country), or Burj Zayed who is the God father of the country and the father current president as well ;)

It is an irony that the icon Dubai built to be its sign of distinction, is named after the ruler of the sister competing city!

Anyway, it was quite an achievement, and I hope it turns out to be successful. For Dubai, I hope to see it back on track again so that it doesn't have to be in such situation again.



R.'Eltayeb said...
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R.'Eltayeb said...
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R.'Eltayeb said...
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amina said...

3ayzeen Burj Mubarak please

amina said...

الطريف ان البرج وسكانه الذين يشكلون قرية صغير سيواجهون فروقا في التوقيت كما تشير دائرة الشئون الاسلامية بدبي‏,‏ وتوضح ان هناك فروقا في التوقيت بين سكان الطابق الارضي من البرج وبين القاطنين في الطابق الاعلي وحددت الادارة دقيقة فرقا في توقيت الصلاة وبالطبع إفطار الصائم فضلا عن انخفاض حوالي‏3‏ درجات في الحرارة للطوابق العليا من البرج‏.‏

Just a reader said...

well amina,
قرر المجلس الشعبي المحلي لمحافظة بورسعيد إطلاق اسم مدينة 'بورمبارك' علي المدينة الثالثة التي ستضاف إلي المحافظة لتضم بذلك 3 مدن هي بورسعيد وبورفؤاد وبورمبارك.

Noblese said...

It was very impressive seeing the inauguration live on TV.

When you think about it ... God created the people who built such an immense building ... 828 meters high and about 160 floors?

About Egypt, during the king's period wasn't there also a 'Port Fouad'?

Sylvia said...

from my prespective, people sooner or later will leave (die) but the thing will remain for centuries (if there are centuries lessah)regardless on whose name it was built.
When we feel proud about the Pyramids and we associate it to people, we tend more to associate it to Pharaohs more than to Khufu,... because we tend to feel it's ours and link it to its real builders the ancient Egyptians. Same applies to Eiffel Tower and its designer Gustave Eiffel. So, to me what it really matters at the very end of the day that one of the world 7 wonders is in my country. The ohter thing that matters that we keep "building" and "achieving" regardless on whose name

Anonymous said...


ahmed said...

Burj Zayed is a great idea.