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Sunday, January 10, 2010

645) Helal & Badr ... Menwareen !

After last week's minor change in the Egyptian Cabinet, I noticed that the ministers of Education, and Higher Education's last names are Badr (Full moon) and Helal (Crescent) respectively. I think they should change the minsiter (or head of council) of youth & sports and get someone called Amar (Moon), so that our children and youth can enjoy the "enlightment" of mind, and body!

By the way, our "beloved" minister of "bankruptcy" Youssef Ghali wasn't touched although he said 2 weeks ago -about some Egyptian contractors- that he will "Yeltala3 deen 2omohom" (nearest meaning in English "Get the hell out of the Mother Fuckers"). It seems that the "Moon" position is reserved to him!

we 3agabi,


Sylvia said...

Speaking of our ministers' names, this is akher nokta

ليه رئيس الحكومة اسمه نظيف و التلوث قاتلنا؟
ليه رئيس مجلس الشعب اسمه سرور والغم راكبنا؟
ليه وزير الماليه اسمه غالى و الشعب رخيص؟
ليه وزير التعليم اسمه هلال و التعليم فى الأرض؟
ليه وزير الداخليه اسمه العدل و الشعب مظلوم؟
و لو عرفت الإجابة اتصل بالحزب الوطنى تاخد سيخ محمى ماركة عز الدخيلة

ahmed said...


ahmed said...

badr we helal lol :)

ahmed said...

mesh 3aez ya shaimaa

ahmed said...

mesh 3ayez ya shaimaa

amina said...

All of them are competing who is the worst, Education in Egypt died, buried since Fathy Serour.

Mohaly said...

I hope they can do something, sometimes I meet weird students doing post graduate studies. They know nothing about everything!

Anonymous said...

Wazeer Safel Youssef Ghali

Mohaly said...

I don't think Youssef Ghali will stop soon.

Mohaly said...

In other words, Ranbena Yostor!