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Thursday, January 14, 2010

647) The Vision - Episode 1 !

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself these questions:

- Who Am I?
- Why was I created?
- What Am I unique at?
- What difference can I make in this world?
- What is living? Is it the breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping..etc, or is it something else?
- What is death? Is it ceasing to function, getting burried, decaying, or it is another chain in a biiger life.
- Should I be happy when I die because I am moving forward? or I should be sad coz I left it all behind?

Tell me first what do you think, and we can move for part 2.



Shimaa Gamal said...

I ask myself these questions almost everyday :)

The answers to these questions usually change with my mood. If I am feeling accomplished I would think positively about everything. When low self-esteem hits, it isn't really that bright.

The questions about life and death are pretty much related to religious beliefs. You won't be leaving anything behind if you believe in an after life. You won't be missing a thing, things will be missing you!

Death is just a step into another unknown. And the speculations about this unknown is all related to the system of your beliefs. Do you believe in heaven and hell. Do you believe that this life is just your way to eternity? An eternity that will be affected with everything you do now.

Or you believe in heaven and hell but you believe that you are from the group who is granted heaven anyway!

Or you don't believe in the whole thing and you think a person only lives once. And this life is all what you have.

I can't wait to part 2 :)

R.'Eltayeb said...

Yes I regulary ask myself these questions and many other different onces.

Mohaly, check Being Yourself 10 - Final Episode, you may find the answers in my 1st comment there or at least some of them.

I just wanna add, that many hide their potential and suffer bcoz of that - bcoz they could help the world, but arent allowed to. Deep down, I think they, too, are waiting to be granted an official pardon for being different :/

I think we should ask ourselves again: what are we capable of? and then, quite calmy go off in search of our own immense potential.

now lets move for part 2 and see to where we will (or wont) arrive.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Wow... the right time for the right post. I was emptying my inbox yesterday and ran through the same questions in an old email. And it's about time to give it some thought. So yes i did before, and willing to do it again soon.

waiting for part 2.

Noblese said...

Hi Mohaly
For me these questions go and come depending on the phase I am in. During my burnout I have thought endlessly about these questions, especially what life is and what our purpose in life is. Answering these questions can lead to defining your further paths. It's good to take a moment every now and then and re-arrange one's priorities in life.

What's in store in part 2?

Neisy M said...

I like this...me myslef i ask that all the time...awaiting part 2 =)

Mohaly said...

I am sorry Guys, I was planning to write part 2 today, but my mind is in a state that can't write even a joke. I have serious decisions to take. Pray for me.
Thank You.

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

wish u the best of luck.

take your time in posting part 2, we are not going anywhere :)

R.'Eltayeb said...
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Noblese said...

Mohaly, God be with you and show you the way to go, just trust in Him.
Take care of yourself.

Shimaa Gamal said...

isa khier, e3qelha wa tawakal

rabena yegbelak elly fih el khier

merhan said...

Mohaly,i can't believe u asking the first couple of questions doubting your gifts ...mosh 3arfa it isnot u talking ,you r always optimistic and help us set a goal in our lives .
I really hope everything is ok with u.wish to hear from u soon.

Mohaly said...

And who said that I am not helping you and being optimistic, still the post is not over. I am writing 2nd part soon most prob tomorrow in-shaa Allah.

But you are right, I am changing these days (may be coz of hitting mid 30s next week, or major changes happening in my career.)Sometimes I may seek help from others. I usually try not to, but sometimes I just can't make it by myself. Unfortunately, that is one of the cons of trying to be human again.

Sohad said...

All answers are crystal clear, have been thinking about this for the last 7 years :))) however, I am still discovering what am I unique at, and what difference can I make in this world!