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Thursday, January 21, 2010

648) Personal ::: My Very Lucky Day !

Sorry for being late, but it was a hell of a week. I will wait and answer the questions of Vision part 1 in Vision part 2 later next week, but today I want to share with you some stuff that are very much related to this topic.

I just want to share with you some incidents of a weird day...

1. In the morning I was in the Airport cafe waiting for my plane heading back to cairo, the waiter spilled water on my laptop and the mother board was bye bye... almost total loss and I had to get a new one.
2. My Omega watch (expensive begad) suddenly was cut into 2 dropping to the floor and hitting a metal protrousion on its way to the floor ending up in pieces!
3. I was supposed to stary 45 mins at the airport, I stayed 5 and half hours coz of the plane delay.
4. I returned back to Cairo to find my Car motor dead; i.e. i just gotta renew it and buy a new one.
5. During the 5 hours, I had some quality time to think. As you know my main job is teaching at AUC + corporate trainings. This is in addition to being the consultant and board member of a development company. After deep thinking about some accumulative incidents that I didn't like or accept, so I decided not to renew the consulting contract with this company, and hence losing a significant percentage of my income.

The weird thing is that in spite of such huge losses in one day, I am satisfied and grateful. I dunno why, but I feel that is the right thing, I feel even better, I feel free!!

Can you link this with my questions in the last post?



amina said...


Anonymous said...

that feeling is the only proof life gives that following the signs is the right decision to make.

It's like Coleho says: "Follow the omens". Break the circle.

Hebba said...

despite all what you said, i am happy for you

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pax Machina said...
kudos mohaly after all they are just that---'things.'

very liberating when the material things don't factor into your calculus!

after all the things you own end up owning you!

after my 2 month old car's engine seized on the jersey turnpike, i got out walked to the nearest exit and hit a movie theater.

btw never buy a VW Golf.

Mohaly said...

Ibhog: Yeah I do believe in that my friend..

Mohaly said...

Hebba: Thank you :)

Pax: u r right, for the VW Golf, I won't, I need a Sedan. I was dreaming about a Beamer but prices are ridiculous in Egypt (the BM320 is for $60+ in cash). So I am thinking about a Honda Civic 2010.

Hebba said...

check the Audi.
its a beautiful car, not recognized khales in egypt although its a very good one. better than mercedes and BMW

Mohaly said...

It is a very nice car but I am afraid of spare parts, I need to check prices and after sales service as well.

Hebba said...

its german. and of very good category.i always thought its bent nas.
dont know how to express it otherwise, ma3lesh :)

Mohaly said...

ya Heba, Typical woman when describing a car :))

it is a very good car but in order to buy a car in egypt u need to check:

1. Body that can bare Egyptian roads and pumps, and looks nice too.
2. Engine that doesn't go mad from the hot weather, and is known by mechanics.
3. Options that matches your needs.
4. Interior that bares hot weather
5. Price, Payment & Registration Options.
6. After Sales Service.

Hebba said...

shokrannnnnnnnn, why do i feel tarya2a?
ma 3alena.
maho the audi has all what you listed. its of the same category as the merceds and BMW. and of course the options.

and its not about hte nice look, its about the feeling that this car is "bent nas" i dont really know how to say it otherwise.

we aslan, i know how to change my tire when its flat, and how to fix the electric circuit when its cut, change oil and water on time.

mafish ba3d keda aho :)))

Brownie said...

if that would make you feel much better..today i got 84% in work professional exam and the success grade is 85% =) and still i am feeling very grateful el hamdolliah

Hebba said...

brownie, this is bad. ma3lesh. i dont know what impact that would have on rest of ur studies.
but its all meant to be.
good luck inshaa allah in something else :)

D said...

What a day ! anyway Mabrouk el new laptop we isA u will find a better car , watch , company .. we rabena youstor :))

Anonymous said...

honda civic is a great car! anything bigger imo would probably have to be a hybrid, as gas is getting pricier by the second.

as for the audi the A4 is a formidable car, but the price range is almost the same, here in ny, as the 3 series and the c class.

as for the beemer the M3 is on sale here for 1,000 a month a steal :P

MY DREAM CAR 1972 ASTON MARTIN DBS (talk about finding parts Mohaly, now here's a doozy)

R.'Eltayeb said...

I just figured out an obvious link between all these above points you have written - They are all related to money, they are a money losses except no.4, its about time and if we say that "Time is money" fa, its also a money loss. So, A Very Big Al7amdulellah! and YES, this was Your Very Lucky Day - Allah knows and you know not. Al7amdulellah a million that you are safe, you and your family and beloved onces. O fadak not only these things but the whole world and more!

From my experience (just in the same week you are talking about), nothing can replace looking someone who truly loves you in the eyes everyday. someone who loves you unconditionally. I really need no money, no laptop, no watch (even an expensive one), no job, no car, I need mama's fingers to run again through my soft hair, I need to share her a joke, a dinner, I need to cry to her after a hard day and just need a hug, I even need to fight with her and then to kiss her. I just need her presence coz she is the "only" person in the world who loves me unconditionally no matter how I feel or how I look ... I realized that I need nothing but to see her smile at home again and to feel her better and able to help me, coz if she doesnt, who will?!! no one absolutely no one.

I know it's good to be around people, "real" friends and family can help and support, but ...

I wish you the best of all

Mohaly said...

how can that make me feel better? anyway, since it is that close then trust that el khier wasnt in succeeding this time provided that u did what u have to do. best of luck.

D: Thank You, Ameen :)

I wish Audi was same in Egypt but it is 100,000 LE extra than Honda I dunno why! I have been studying Civic features for a while anyway and I like what I have seen.
As for the beamer M3, no comment :-@ ... EM 72 wow the James Bond Car ;) it seems that we have a close taste in Cars!

Mohaly said...

Rawani: that was touching, thank you.

Noly said...

و عسى أن تكرهوا شيئا و هو خير لكم و عسى أن تحبوا شيئا و هو شر لكم و الله يعلم و أنتم لا تعلمون

Elhamd lelah enha gat 3ala ad keda ya Mohaly, ISA Allah will do for you all the best :).

Sohad said...

I cracked :))) it's linked to who you are ;))