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Sunday, January 3, 2010

642) Being Yourself 10 - Final Episode!

Don't ever let anyone make you feel that he has control over your life. You are the one who decides how much power you give to other people, and to what extent they can interfere in your life.

Even God -All Mighty- just tells you the right way and strategy, gives you the freedom and choice, accepts your mistakes if you regret it, and only judges you at the end where He balances the good / bad deeds and actions.

So how come you pend your security in life on someone.Your security comes from within.

..... Your boss may secure you in business today, but business changes, and he may be the one who fires you tomorrow.
..... Your lover may give you emotional security today, and may be the one who dumps you tomorrow.
..... Your friends and connections may give you social security today, but may turn against you tomorrow.

So focus, and know that you are the one who chooses either being a slave for other people's choices, or freeing yourself and knowing that the only source of security is YOU.

You try your best at work, with the people you love, with friends, and enjoy the happy moments... If things aren't as before, don't feel weak or rejected, it may be a sign for "a need to change" ... not only the people, but the way you link your life with them as well.

For those believing in God: Take a "Neyyah", do your best, and thank God on whatever outcome, you are the winner in both cases. Know that only continuous relation that gives you complete security is your relation with God. It rewards you in both good and in bad, and sometimes even the bad turns out to be .. for better.

For those who don't believe in God: Don't sink in materialistic life, have a way out, do what you gotta do, but don't link your happiness or security on others coz it will be a fragile security. Focus on yourself and don't let others control you.

I love you Guys,


R.'Eltayeb said...
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gjoe said...

Rabbena yekremak Rabbena yekremak Rabbena yekremak!

Begad Your Words Are Exactly What I Needed To Be Reminded Of..

You, believe it or not, changed my life.. and just by a couple of written words..
Again, Rabbena yekremak!

Mohaly said...

gjoe: from cairo airport - couple of mins before my flight- I am telling u, U MADE MY DAY, keep praying please, i need it a lot :)

E N G Y said...

just needed a reminder of being myself be4 starting new job and new year, thank you:)
Happy new yr full od success and happiness in all levels ya rab:)

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

Mohaly... enta khateeeeeeeer.

This is the best post i read for new year's goals. Wow, if i had you as one of my close friends i would say u stole the words from me. Because this is my major resolution for this year, and i'm sticking to it, and thanks to you, there is someone in this world that is telling me to do it and go for it. Our lives need a major makeover.


Brownie said...

an excellent post, my favorite in 2010 :)
Thanks a lot and as gjoe said Rabana yekremak

Noly said...

RABENA YEKREMAK again and again as they all above mentioned. Bgd this post galy f wa2to and this one is one of your best posts ever bgd ya Mohaly :).

w 3ala fekra ba2a dy a7la 7aga I have read so far in 2010 and it will be one of the best as it really changed alot.... Rabena m3ak w yewafa2ak ISA, Good Luck :).

ibhog said...

I was having an extraordinarily hectic day at work today and I read this.

Mesh 3aref a2ool eh elsara7a gher e7l 3al blogosphere begadd.

3ashan el 7ayah sa3at beteb2a mo2refa we ka2eeba we as7a el sob7 aw fe west yom sa3b fel shoghl afta7 post gameela zayy de tekhaleeny a3raf atnafess tany.

I never thought blogging would affect me that way, or give me the chance to meet amazing people like you ya Mohaly.

I'm so lucky.

May God be with you in whatever it is you're facing, you deserve the best ..

.. and we love you too :)

R.'Eltayeb said...

A nice short story:

A young man once asked an old wise man: "how do you know God exists ?"

the wise man: "when you receive a letter from someone far away, how do you recognize the writer?"

the young man: "by the hand writing!"

the wise man: "when you hear animals moving, how do you know if it was a sheep, a horse, or an ox"?

the young man :O [surprised at these questions]: "by its footprints!"

The old man invited him to come outside with him and showed him the sky - "Neither the things written up there, nor the desert down below, could have been made or written by the hand of man!"
Yes. that is Allah's Hand!

... Dears, tafakor is a very important 3ebada! plus, that is really a very sweet feeling; experiencing it.


Mohaly said...

I have limited access in my trip, and I have just managed to open the blog, and I am Speechless :)

If you read my blog profile, u will know that ur words here go straight ahead to my mission, u make me feel this difference, thanks a lot :)

Thank God I have readers like you who do really read, analyzie,.. make me feel useful, and encouraged to write more.

Neisy El-Maghrabi said...

Reading this post along with its comments is the perfect prove towards a better start.
For all those who had it wrong,fix it now.
For all those who lost the way, your standing right at the start.
For all those who feel useless, god still has faith in you,You're still breathing aren't you?
For all those who like being at the grey side,please move away to the white side. Acknowledging your mistakes makes you a good person.Just please try your hard not to fall twice.
This is a new beginning for all of us even the great once can be better.
I have to agree with ibhog..thank god for blogging.It got me into knowing awesome ppl like you Mohaly.Admiring your posts.

You should drop by soon.

R.'Eltayeb said...
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Rana Eldars said...

hmmm how about parents what if those others were ur parents?
they have control on ur life they somtimes forbid u of doing certain things u believe is for ur better good and they just wont see that... how deal u deal with such a case?

R.'Eltayeb said...
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Mohaly said...

Hi Rana,

I intentionally didn't mention parents here as it goes without saying that they are trustworthy and they give us security as long as they live. However, if you revise the post I exactly said:
"Know that only continuous relation that gives you complete security is your relation with God."
Parents die and leave you, and they cant give you complete security as well. If you kept your security pending on your parents, it may break by their death.

Anonymous said...

Begad ya Mohaly you are expressing my deepest thoughts with your words in this post! Allah yefta7 3aleek!!

I used to reassure myself, whenever I feel weak, left behind by someone, or just when I am at the extremes of my own soul (happy or unhappy), by the fact that times, people, places, situations, feelings etc. shall change at any moment of my existence BUT Allah (SWT) is the only constant TRUTH along my life! All the rest is variable- The inner peace and the absolute self confidence, righteous one, are reached by tightening and linking one's existence to Allah wa7daho la shareeka lah!

lao said...

im really sooooo happy 2day bec its my 1st day to open and go through ur posts,i feel like im reading a v.v.v useful book thanks alot to u plz keep going on.

Mohaly said...

This is a great motivation for me to continue. Thank u
u can be a member of the blog by clicking follow in the right upper corner.