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Monday, January 25, 2010

649) The Vision - Episode 2 - Who am I ?!

In post 647 I asked some questions about vision, and I am happy with the answers I got. It means that there are still people who stop, think, and sometimes act as well. I liked what many of you have said specially Noblese: "Answering these questions can lead to defining your further paths. It's good to take a moment every now and then and re-arrange one's priorities in life."

Although you had different views about when do we stop and think; in good or bad times, I think it doesn't matter when as long as you stop and think.

I started this Series with the start of a new year. I think it is the right time for it specially after finishing "Being Yourself Series". I think you need to know who is "yourself" before start "Being" it.

Let's start with the first question: WHO AM I?

May be it is one of the harderst questions because it is YOUR identity. I want each of you while reading this question to stop now, stand up, and ask yourself "Who am I"?
Don't be lazy, stand up and ask.... take your time....
now, open the comments part and write the answer provided that it doesn't exceed 20 words. Too short?! Then think again, and modify..

ok, let's stop here and see what will you write first...



ahmed said...

very hard , grrr

I am someone trying to be something?

Hebba said...
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Hebba said...

i am someone who wants to be a good person and lives as happy as possible. plan,try, fail, but never loose sight of my target.

R.'Eltayeb said...

and who doesnt look for happiness Hebba? and wishes to live a better life. we are all dear. we dream, we build & build ... Oh!

I dont find it a hard question. what is difficult? everyone has written a word about who he is in his blog profile or facebook info. or, or.. but did someone ask himself who am I not? why do I hurt myself? why am I missing the positive feeling? why am I feeling trapped by negative feelings & thoughts? why am I missing myself? &till when...!
Ps, the problem is that the one who thinks that he know himself very well can suddenly feel that he doesnt. I guess!

Mohaly said...

"the problem is that the one who thinks that he know himself very well can suddenly feel that he doesnt. I guess!"

Yes Rawani... DO we really know ourselves?

I am someone who is always positioned by people that I know exactly who am I ... but everyday, I get to know more of me!! and sometimes I get confused about this "me".

R.'Eltayeb said...

Balash tes2alni ana Mohaly, coz my experience with knowing myself and being me without fear or much thinking and following my feelings and fighting for my dreams and believing in myself... the creative things...! kollo turned 3ala dema3'i and I am becoming ma3andish e7ssas 7'aless. O da mech ana begad. mech ana! I wasnt that fragile girl.

Mohaly said...

You ma3andekesh e7sas!!!!!!!!

Noly said...

Hi all :),

Mohaly & Rawani:

I guess this (MYSELF)is divided into two parts (weakness& strength). The first weak part ta2reban most of us know at least 70% of his weak points and this part ely bardo most of the time gives us the negative feelings.

The second part is the strong one but the difference here is that not all of us really know his real capability whether he can do this task or not. Some are overestimating themselves while others are underestimating! so I guess you will never know your strengths! 3shan asln many times you think yourself cannot do certain things bas wa2t el gad lema fe3lan yeb2a mafesh gherak enta ely lazm te3mlha you just do it w perfectly kman but the point was that you didn't try asln.

Howa asln ba2a this was your point wala I misunderstood your point in your discussion for knowing yourself :).

Mohaly said...

You Tell me Noly, You tell me ;)

ibhog said...

ever thought that one might know themselves too well to be at peace? that's me.

I never surprised myself or even disappointed it. And there's always something I know, deep down, after pealing off a thick crust of denial.

I'm someone who's best shot at intelligence is defined by how dexterously he foresees his own mistakes, but whose instinctual inclination to deny them leads him right into the risk, hoping the mistakes would turn out to be the scars of a perpetuated soldier .. one day.

I'm climbing a ladder that I can almost see every second of everyday, it's just sometimes .. my conscience projects it to be of no level - plain and horizontal.

Until someone other than myself, snaps me out of my paranoia and tells me I'm a flight ahead - a thing, I tell myself, that is no more than plain generosity and kindness.

One I would offer with utter sincerity, but one I receive with excessive doubt ..

.. because again .. the stairs never end .. and to add to the agony, Mohaly, sometimes ..

.. deep down in a moment of penetrating honesty ..

.. I feel it's the wrong ladder at all.

That's funny, because after I read my comment again, I feel that maybe I don't really know myself after all!!

Brownie said...

girl with dreams that would never ever give them up inshaAllah

Noly said...

Hi again :),

Mohaly when I wrote my first comment, I have just tried to analyze from my point of view this ( MYSELF) but theoretically. Bas frankly speaking ba2a to say (who I am? dy is really hard!

Sometimes I feel that I'm the strongest person ever who can do anything whatever it was without relying on any person, smart,tenacious and happy. w sometimes I feel totally the opposite although I'm still the same Noha! msh 3rfa sometimes I think you know who you are more according to the circumstances you pass by, during your journey with life.
Yemkn what I can say here is ( I'm not quite sure who am I bas what I'm sure of now is what I want!

howa dah ba2a what you meant sa7 wala eh :)

Mohaly said...

Yes Noly :)

R.'Eltayeb said...

Hi Noly :)

I like your 1st comment, a lot; it is a very nice analysis.

R.'Eltayeb said...

☆ Know Me = No pain
☆ No Me = Know Pain

✿ ana etganent 7'alas ✿


Noly said...

Thanks Rawani :)

Ze2red Hanem El-Darmaly said...

sticking to 20 words is ... HARD!!!

i'm a girl who works her best to change what she can to live in a better world for me and the people around me.

deppy said...

A normal girl, trying to have the best of living while obeying Allah's orders as much as possible.

Sohad said...

I can't be contained in 20 words for sure. In a nutshell I can say Ana 2nsan. An Army of one who is trying to make a difference in this world! A human being who is trying to go beyond functional beauty to embody something special..a soul. Sometimes a unicorn who is trying to reflect inner beauty and strength in others ( lol lama bazha2 men el banee 2adam).
We are GOD best creators! Ana 2ensan.

Sohad said...

Creatures*.. Hate smart phones :)