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Monday, February 1, 2010

652) We Said, We Did, We Deserved !

We said ..

We did ...

We delivered ..

We deserved ..

I wish I can live and see the day Egypt will be doing that in everything not only football.



Shimaa Gamal said...

5 years ago, if a person said that the Egyptian football team will win the CAN people would have called him crazy.
Today we got to the point when people talk about who will we play against in finals before even the tournament starts.

It is a miracle by all means. It is a BIG something. To be the champions and keep it 3 times in a row and to be the only in Africa who won the cup for 7 times. Others will have to play for years and years to break this record.

And if the football team can do it, it is possible that other "teams" can do it too.

gjoe said...

Wana nefsy yeegy el yoom elly afra7 beek f beet el 3adal :D

Noly said...

Egyptian and sooooooooo proud to be.. :)
And again YES WE CAN :).

Mohaly said...

I am glad not only from the achievement but mainly from the consistency.

We always lack consistency and team work in Egypt, and that is what this team has beaten, and that is why they deserve to win.

Mohaly said...

Shaimaa or me ;)

Shimaa Gamal said...

heheheeee .... aho enty ya gjoe :) we di bel asala 3an nafsy wel bel nayaba 3an Mohaly :)))

amina said...

It is a great feeling to do what you say and say what you do MABROOOOOK masr

Anonymous said...

أتفق معكم
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هل أؤدي مهنتي بحرفيه عاليه مثلهم؟
هل أؤدي مهنتي و أتعامل بأدب و أخلاق رفيعه مثلهم؟
هل أنا قادر على المنافسة العالميه الشريفة مثلهم؟
هل أعمل بروح الفريق مثلهم؟
هل أنا متواضع مثلهم؟
هل أسجد لله شكرا عند كل إنجاز مثلهم؟
إن هؤلاء الرجال ضربوا لنا مثالا رائعا في العمل و الأخلاق و الأدب و الإحترام و التواضع و التخطيط و النجاح
و هم قدوة لنا جميعا بدئا من رئيس الجمهورية إلى أصغر طفل في مصر
أنا شخصيا إتخذتهم قدوة لي ليس لأنهم لاعبين كرة قدم بل لأنهم مهذبين و خلوقين و محترمين و ناجحين و نجحوا أن يكسبوا مصر إحتراما خاصا على مستوى العالم فيارب أنجح عشر نجاحهم و أحقق لبلدي شيئ كما فعل هؤلاء العظماء.
أرجوا أن ينظر كل منا لنفسه بهذا الإسلوب و ليجتهد كل منا في مجاله فهكذا تحترم الأمم.
كما و أدعوا الله العلي القدير أن يجعل ما فعله هؤلاء الأبطال سنة حسنه لهم ليقتدي بهم كل عاقل في مجاله و ينجح كما نجحوا و يرفع راية مصر كما فعلوا.

Ze2red said...

i'm not a football fan khales, but i'm amazed of the consistency too.

and speaking of good news and Egyptian teams on other levels. Yesterday an Egyptian team of students from Computer Science, Cairo Uni traveled to china to compete in the World finals of the ACM. It's one of the best programing competitions world wide. They were ranked first in the nationals competition, so let's hope they rank in the World finals as well.

Mohaly said...

That is great News Ze2red :) and dont forget the amazing Squash Team 4 out of top 10 in the world including 1st and 3rd for the 3rd year in a row!

My dear blog readers:
Please join me in congratulating ZE2RED for her 1st birthday with us in the blog... Happy Birthday Ze2red :))))

Ze2red said...

I didn't know about the squash team. Maybe i'm not a big follower, but i'm happy to know this nice news :)

El mohem ba2a en i'm turning red :$:$:$

this is the nicest and non-forgettable 1st birthday over the blogshpere. thank you soooo much mohaly, and because of this lovely gesture i'll tell you a little secret, it's tom "so hush-hush, don't tell anyone :)"

btw, the clock is ticking, few hours and the personality post will be out.

Mohaly said...


Hebba said...

Zou, your birthday has just began :)
kol sana wenty tayebah habibty.
enjoy ur day, the year and your life to come ISA.
big tight hug :)

Ahmad Bekdash said...

Same wish :)

Best Regards

Ze2red said...

@ Ahmad Bekdash: Thank you so much :)