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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

660) E3terafat Mohaly - Part 3!

Since I am talking about Friendship and mixed signs, it may be a good opportunity to send some messages and have a new part of "e3terafat mohaly"..

I admit that I have given mixed signs to the following, and I do apologize for any trouble I might have caused. But I swear that the minute I realized I caused confusion, I pulled out and made it clear that I don't wanna cause any more confusion.

W: I was very much interested in your case (personal problem) and wanted to help you. I am afraid that I crossed the friendship line when we started going out together regularly; it seems like dating, and I was the one supposed to make it more clear even though I never talked about "us" as a couple. The day you met me and told me you are confused, it was a slap on my face, and that is why I told you I should pull out, and that is what I did couple of days after this meeting. You are fun to be with and I do enjoy your company, but I don't wanna cause you any more confusion about "us", I don't think friendship can work here as it can cause more confusion.

B: The pure clean and great person who has feelings that can cover the world. I can't deny that I do really love the way you give support to your friends specially when they are down, but I always see you as my older sister, and I do really love you as a human being. Al Hamdullah that I was saying that I can't afford more than friendship since I started feeling your clean and pure feelings towards me. I am really interested in your friendship without having any hidden agendas. You are someone who I and others can't afford losing, but if you don't want it this way, I do respect your decision. You can be my Secret Keeper and Eye Opener and I can be your trusted friend as well, as it has to be a win-win.

R: I am sorry for the situation you have put yourself in. I was very clear that I dont do relations over the net with people I have never met. When you asked for my phone no. I refused, and inisted on keeping our communication online as I was not interested in developing this virtual friendship further than the online world. Sometimes I answered your facebook messages and emails and sometimes I didnt, when I answer it doesn’t mean I am in love, but it means that I just can't keep on ignoring you and my answers were short to the point. But I admit that this is my mistake as I should have been more assertive and block you so that I keep you away from the sad feelings that you passed through. But you have to know that your kind heart should be dedicated to real relations not virtual ones, specially if there is no solid interest from the other party.


P.S. I am sorry guys for disabling the comments for this post. It was an internal shout and a confession that had to be made so that it can reach them. If you have comments about the issue, the Previous, and Next episodes of No Hard Feelings are tackling the same issue but from a general scale, and you can have general comments there.

Howa ana leih daymen ba3taref in February last E3teraf kan in Feb 09 too!!!