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Thursday, February 11, 2010

655) The Vision - Episode 4; the Difference !

You know now what you are unique at ...

Now the questions are getting harder ... Take a deep breath, and get it out slowly ... Think with a clear mind: What difference can I make in this world? and let's us know here, we may be able to help...

Tip: You can make a positive difference, a negative difference, or no difference (in this case u r not living).. In order to make such difference, you need to make use of the unique stuff you have in reaching your goals first... then, and only then you can make a real difference..



ahmed said...

questions are getting harder the more u go into this series ya mo :)

ahmed said...

i can make people happier coz i always have a good reserve of funny stuff

Gypo said...

I make a difference in people's lives, as I understand them easily even if they lie in the beginning, I just keep listening until I feel that the truth is coming out of them, then I start asking my questions trying to reveal the other perspective of the picture that they don't see.
I don't tell them what they want to hear but I tell them things that encourage them and comforts them.
This has always been positive with them but always had a severe negative effect on me as I go into a depression everytime I hold such a therapy session with anyone.

Gypo said...
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Ze2red said...

This is hard. You need to be down to earth and at the same time aspire for Utopia.

i'll try to give it some thought and get back to you.

Mohaly said...

great ya Gypo, keep that up, and keep following the series :)

Mohaly said...

ze2red we will be waiting but don't be late ;)

p.s. shouldn't it be ze2reda?

deppy said...

well, The difference I may make in this world is actually what I'm living for, or what I'm trying to do.

for starters I do that in my job as it's main purpose is to satisfy people needs for shelter, in so many levels. And it's barely done the way it has to be so I'm trying my best to change that, and doing it the right way.

Other thing, I think am starting to feel am good with people, I use my intuition and my tolerance(my unique traits) to listen and help them, and I kinda feel my effect on them afterwords.

I hope one day I could change what muslim ladies wear, to that style I have in mind (which is all islamic yet unique and stylish).

Mohaly said...

great ya debby, fen Shaimaa we Nerro?

Nerro said...

nerro aheh :))
I try to get people around me to think and learn new things. It is something that one of bosses zaman said to me, learn something new everyday...and share it.
another thing kaman..is READ the newspaper am helping with.
Another thing is getting the people I know to love the country, in READ newspaper we have a page entitled Masreyetna...through this page we try to offer different aspects of the Egypt that we love, the one that exists but people are too busy to look at.
When we first started writing this page, we struggled as we were only a couple of people. Now we are in the process of dedicating issues for Egyptians who wants to write about "Masreyetna".

Ze2red said...

Okay let's see.

I said once before that i my slogan is "Be the change you want to see" and i work towards that every single time i can. So whenever there is something wrong and there is a window open for change i speak up. In fact most of the time i'm not appreciated, and i'm accused of "howa enty fakra nafsek hatsal7y el koon?" but i try my best to ignore that, because if i give up on a better world then my life is not worth it.

this goes on personal and professional level. i guess listening and paying attention to what happens around me gives me some benefit to do that.

Now it's your turn :)

about the PS: over the years since i got the nickname, it has been mutated to so many things, ze2reda, za2rood, za2rodty, Zou, Zee, Zerbew :D so you can pick anyone you like.

Still i love ze2red the most. It's unique, you can call anyone ze2reda, but i'm the only ze2red :)

Mohaly said...

great ya nerro, keep it up :)

Mohaly said...

ok ya ze2red :)

dont change, and dont let others stop u, most of the people are anti change.

for me is simply trying to share what I am good at with others, and coach them to be better at it, as I am doing now :)
Making a positive difference in people's lives is my personal mission, and I am trying my best!

Anonymous said...

What if I don't know? what if I need someone to tell me if I'm making it?

Because honestly, I tried to think of the difference I'm currently making, it turned out to be so insignificant when compared to what I really want to do with my life, but lack of resources, and the strike of circumstances, keep me away from.

Anyway, many say I make them smile, and that I'm a good listener and the usual - but one day, what I truly want to achieve, is for people to learn how to live life the right way.

But I'm so unsure, most of the time, whether 'I' am living it right. Whether I am .. living it.

The world's just so big. Or I'm just feeling so small and low.

please forgive my dull tone,

lao said...

Till now im still thinking who i am,even 7ata i dont know if ill make difference in my sons life. i dont know if im adding somthing or not.coz i feel that with or without me life will go on.

Mohaly said...

It seems that Ibhog case is contagious...
Anyone else?

Ze2red said...

@ Mohaly: I don't think it's contagious. It's just that maybe they hit the post on a rainy day. Sometimes your spirits are up and you feel like conquering the world, sometimes way down like if you have been smashed by a train and people can relate.

Looks like the blogoshpere needs a mood change.

btw, Thanks for the encouraging words :)

you too, keep doing your best.

@ Ibhog: fo2ly keda and get back to yourself. I don't think that a guy like you doesn't know what he wants or what difference he makes in this world. and if really you don't know, then it's about time to figure out.

Wish if you were in my line of profession to know how much the listening gift helps people and the little words you might say in return can save souls.

deppy said...

I was thinking the same about Ibhog, why on earth would a guy like you say such thing?, dont you know how many times you put a smile on my face while you were unaware.

Just think about it Ibhog, grab a piece of paper and list things you see in yourself, you abilities, your potentials, ask your friends, family, and get back here with the result.

@ zee, agrees on "Looks like the blogoshpere needs a mood change."
what do you think we should do about it?

Ze2red said...

We need a refreshing post or a game that is fun and all of us to be tagged in.

Mohaly any ideas?

Mohaly said...

Busy writing the "No Hard Feelings" Into, will be up in 25 minutes ;)
and travelling in couple of hours...we lesa ma7adartesh el shanta :(

Noly said...

Hello all :),

May be this is the first time to write any comment for you but in general I like reading your stuff.

bas concerning your words (The world's just so big. Or I'm just feeling so small and low). You don't know what your words may do for others. Your simple words may coz happiness for others w aslan mafesh a7san mn keda difference you can make with drawing any genuine smile upon others faces in our dull days!

One of my friends told me before when I used to say like you that I'm too small.......
( If you think you are too small to be effective, then you've never been in the dark with a mosquito..)

tab3an m3a el far2 bas sa3etha I totally believed him and it really worked with me and I guess it will work with you too unless you didn't try it ba2a with a mosquito b4 :). Cheer up 3shan kolo by3ady :).

Ze2red said...

@ Mohaly: i'm sorry in advance to say that, bas yalla men hena :D. you have to pack, like NOW!!!

deppy said...

Noly again :), I like that mosquito thing, inspiring :)

feen your difference?

@Moh, l post msh hayteer :D we can wait :)

Mohaly said...

7ader, i am already closing everything.

Imagine the curse of someone who travels 20 times per year, hates packing, and can't do it right!!!!

P.S. Ya rab atgawez wa7da bet7eb el packing !

Mohaly said...

Ibhog: I was almost writing the samething, Thanks Noly u said it all, and tell me about the difference a mosq. can make..

see u tomorrow :))

Anonymous said...

Okay Liked all the comments so far..I admire everything everyone of you said.(Read till the end =P)
@deppy Thanks for linking this to me.
@mohaly seems like im to late to join the series now but better late than never.
@Ibhog you know ill kill you for what you said.I hate you when you down.And btw ana 7asalat noha 3alek.
@ze2red I already have an idea for flipping the mood around here a bit.I spoke about it with deppys and Ibhog so far.I made bumper sticker that says(Because you blog made me smile today)and Ill be posting it on random blogs who do make me smile.Once you tagged with the sticker you have to post the things that make you smile(Little/random/big/silly or stupid) and of course pass on the sticker to another blog and so on.Please all follow on my blog tomorrow as I'll post the idea along with the random things that put a smile on my face on a daily basis and of course I'll tag a blog tomorrow.Also Follow me this friday as I will introduce"Secret Friday".I believe everyone will like this idea.I wont give it away now.You have to wait and see for urself ;)

Now back to your question Mohaly:
The above is exactly why I believe I can make a difference.Im not a happy person.My life is far away from perfect but I love to see others on the right track.I feel human.I can relate to earth all of a sudden when I hear the success of a one.I believe that "You" are the strongest one on earth.You need no recuse.You need to help.You need to paths to follow.You make your own path towards the light.How bright that light depends on how good you dug ur way through life.I'm easily inspired.I think my words tend to pass this inspiration on so that the one on the other side carries on with a smile facing life like a mountain/I believe that a person is born alone,lives alone, and dies alone.And I see this as a good thing.Cause when you have yourself you need no one else.No one understands you or can help you as yourself.This is the difference I want to make.This is the impression I want you to leave with now.You are the most powerful thing on earth.
Drop by everyone..
Have a great day :)

Ze2red said...

@ Mohaly: No one loves packing. Either you are good at it or not. and you should be by now. You need to watch "Up in the air" to know how "Clooney" packed :) It looked so easy.

@ Nesiy, Deppy and Ibhog: online and planning things!!! where was i from that? i was online the whole time :(

3amtan i'll wait for the sticker, and i know what secret Friday is :p

Mohaly said...

great ya Nessy, we are just in the middle of the series, el te2eel lesa gayy :)

welcome to the blog family :)

and kiss mama,sister and niece for me, they are in Jedda too and i miss them so much :(

Anonymous said...

Here is the link:
Check it all :)
And Mohaly thanks for the greetings :)

Noly said...

Hello all :),

Deppy: Nice to meet you here again :) and I'm glad that you liked the mosq. thing :).

Mohaly: You r welcome ya fandem :).

Concerning my difference part, it's simply ( HAPPINESS).The difference I seek to make is drawing a little smile upon the face of any person I know. w dah through many ways, offer a helping hand to any needy person, giving an advice to someone who lost his way and want a push to get back on track, to be always there for others, boso fy 7agat kter btet3ml hena. Simply I can say that as long as I can do anything for anyone I just do it.bas fel a2wl w fel a5r kol ely yehemny eny msh aseb el 7ad dah ela w howa fe3lan mabsot.

yemkn ana msh 3rfa awasl leko ana a2sdy eh bas my point from happiness is when you make this person happy, you can easily change him into a more positive and effective person. w kman I focused more on happiness because I think that people are really missing that part in their life nowadays, they became more gloomy.w aslan aslan with any little effort you can make others happy.

terga3 bel salama ISA ya Mohaly, Good luck in your trip :).

Mohaly said...

Noly, people who make u smile are rare these days, it is a great thing.
The only once who make me laugh begad is my lovely niece.

Thanks for the wishes..

Noly said...

Thanks Mohaly :), w rabena ye5aly w ye7faz your niece for you all ISA :).

Sometimes people are just too busy to give themselves the chance to smile bgd and I guess you are one of them. You have a very busy life full of thoughts, plans,.....

I read once ( Never take it so series coz no body does) I think enha kant keda ya3ny, bas b7s enha fe3lan msh mestahla a2wy all these thoughts and plans :).
a2olak 3ala 7aga, take a break and try to make any crazy thing :D, bgd walahy I mean it, men 3arf yemkn :). w in case ba2a it doesn't work with you, I will write a series ana kman about happiness :).

Good Luck and wish you Happiness and joy in your life :)).

Sohad said...

I can make a positive difference, although I highly doubt I made any till this moment. I was struggling in life to fix my oxygen mask first! Some would say I am the best manager they have ever had, others can say they have learned something useful from me, but this is not enough I know I need to extend the circle of influence but I do not have enough confidence or perhaps I do not dare enough to have bigger dreams!!