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Thursday, February 25, 2010

661) The Vision - Episode 6 - Death & After !

It is getting more annoying now...
Last Episode we discussed life and living..
now it is the death's turn..

What does Death represent to you?
How do you see what you are doing in life linked to your death and after life (if you you are a believer of course)?

Should I be happy when I die because I am moving forward? or I should be sad coz I left it all behind?

This cant be answered spontaneously.. this time SIT and think before your share your comments...

Good Luck,
we Rabena Yostor,


deppy said...

Great, fi wa2taha! I think I know the answer bas I'll give it some deep thinking kda and I'll get back to you inshalah :)

amina said...

it seems ya mohaly that everyone is afraid to write about death here!

Mohaly said...

I am afraid you are right amina!!

Mohaly said...

Looking forward deppy :)

Jee said...


Ahmad said...
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Ahmad said...

Death is very interesting to think about, some might consider it a relief, some might consider it a new beginning, but in my own openion death is the end of what we know, the end of who we are as we know it, what comes next might be real but it will be a new beginning for something I am not familiar with, because I am not familiar with living my soul without my body and my mind.
so death is the end for me, I would like to add another question ya mohaly besides what death represents, why do we fear death? why you as a start fear death? what will you loose if you died that you cannot afford loose?

ahmed said...

This is the quote of the day in the blog, is it a coincidence?
Dying is a troublesome business: there is pain to be suffered, and it wrings one's heart; but death is a splendid thing—a warfare accomplished, a beginning all over again, a triumph. You can always see that in their faces.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

deppy said...

• Death for me is a transitional point, where the end meets the beginning. The end of living which means end of struggling, end of waiting, end of confusion, and end of sins.
And the beginning of Allah's mercy and eternity (hopefully, inshalah).

As much as it may seem disturbing but it's somehow a relief, I mean it's where we supposed to be, I don't think death is any worse than living, I think its the other way around maybe.

• How's life linked to after life, well, for starters, everything we've done in life affect our after life, or else what's the point of living?

In life man's deeds shape and mold his spirit, for better or worse, according to his deeds. When a person dies, the physical body is finished, but the spirit remains, as he/she had molded it by their deeds when alive.

+ after life begins with the Doomsday when we'll be rewarding and punishing for what we did in life.

• For Ahmad's questions, I'm not afraid of death myself, however I have anxieties when it comes to this,
1- So2 l khatema
2- Abandoning people who'll miss me

Rabena yostor fe3lan!

Brownie said...

Death is me is like my evaluation to all my life, and as i know Allah mercy is great but i still feel like i never ready to meet it, i always have something to do before i die, some stuff to straighten up, some more good deeds to be done.
u know, this week, near our building they found a man dead by the death smell, oh i was so sad for him, he went through that by himself, Allah a3lem if he was not alone, he might have been saved, i know it is his time but i wished that he had someone beside him, may he rest in peace ya Rab.
I have never wished to come to an empty home, and now i hate it more, and i hope no one wish that wish.
اللهم ما أختم بالصالحات أعمالنا

Gypo said...

I believe death is just the harvest of the crop you have planted in your life. If I've done good I will be rewarded, and if I've done bad then it's payback time. In the mean time I'm working on the crop until my time is done. So even now I'd say,"just bring it on any time".

sarahshannon said...

Sarah Shannon
Well to me Death is a whole new journey, it's the Unknown and the answer to all life inquiries!
Everyone is set in this world for a purpose and is gone when It's time, I myself sometimes wander why that persons life ended although he might've had so much more to finish and to give but I'm a beleiver and the contradiction inside me is always awakened by whether to just have faith and let it go or whether to judge why that person actually died when it wasnt time!! always a debate!
and I might find it extremely odd to calculate all life deeds to try and get through to a great after life! I just try to get through the day doing the best I can withought calculating.
I'm looking forward for death to find out what is in the after life although I fear it, coz i guess everyone may fear the unknown, but still I will miss Living for all the things I would still feel i havent acomplished when I'm gone.

Sarah Shannon said...

Mohamed read " The Five People you meet in Heaven" if you havent, by Mitch Albom, It shows you how Death answers alot of our inquiries and shows alot of unknown mysteries we pass through in life. It has nothing to do with religion or is it faith related. I have no idea about the truth of the after life, but the book makes death intriguing! :)

Mohaly said...

Interesting..Thanks Sarah