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Saturday, February 27, 2010

662) M.O.H.@.L.Y.I.C.S ::: Volume IV !

Oh My God .. It is the 4th year already!!

My last words last year were I hope that we will be together till we celebrate the completion of the 3rd year as we started it together. Wish you all the best, and Happy Anniversary :) & here we are celebrating it.

This blog became another home to me where I have brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors...etc. A complete virtual life where some of its members I know, others I have just talked too and some never met!

This year was the least in the amount of posts but the most in the amount of interaction and comments. This means that the blog is getting more mature, and this puts me in a position of responsibility. Although I do write as an amatur (even my official articles) but I feel responsbile infornt of my readers and blog followers.

Everytime when I am running out of ideas or topics, I find myself starting a whole new series that leads to another and another, and with your support and assurance that it makes a difference, I was able to go on and on and on..

Since 2007: 662 posts, 6599 comments (some posts were over 50) were posted in 2,385 web pages. 32,090 visitors paid 124,250 visits creating 230,065 page views from 137 countries. Blog Followers has increased from 12 to 59 in the 3rd year.

Most visiting countries are Egypt (52%), USA (18%), UK (5%), Morocco (4%), Switzerland (4%), UAE (4%), Australia (2%), Germany (2%), Saudi Arabia (2%), & Canada (1%), Other (6%).

I am glad that only half of the people come from Egypt, this enriches the discussions. Noblese I guess you are happy, it jumped to 4% this year.

Average Time on Site is 4.2 mins per visit; i.e. visitors had spent 8697 hours on this blog since it started (that is almost a whole year!). 39% is the average percentage of new visits.

Top Visited Posts in 3rd Year: Being Yourself Series, The Vision Series (still continuing), Miss Egypt (Post 585), EL Escort wal Doctor (587), Egyptian Map (post 646), Sexual Frustration in Egypt (Post 620), Watch out for what you give women (post 545), 7eena Maysara (post 350), Certainty about Virginity (Post 607), Obama chooses Egypt (Post 559), & 3asr El 7areem (Post 579).

This was definitely the most successful year in terms of statistics and interaction. I hope I can keep it up for you this year as well.

There are soooo many things and stuff in my head I wanna say about the blog and about you the readers, followers, commenters, and how you are changing my life to better and keeping me up when I am down ... I will just say what I have in mind we khalas..

Ibhog: My little brother whom I am proud of, I wish him to rest on a shore soon.
Hisham: The good mind that disapperared fi zereof Ghamda.
Shamiaa: 3amdeedet el Readers! A post without her comment is still incomplete.
Nerro: A beautiful mind & smile, an asset to any blog.. specially here.
Hebba: Mo7ami el Blog! She talks about it better than me.
Merihan: Defet El Sharaf! I wish we can see u more frequently.
Noblese: I really enjoyed your rational and unbaised views. I wish I can see your contribution more often.
Ze2red & Deppy: konbelet 2010! I really enjoyed the energy boost you gave and still giving :)
Batabeet: Still laugh every time I read it :)
Engy & Insonmiac: I don't know why, but when I see your comments in a post, I know that it will be a fruitful one! Hope to see u more often.Pax: Intellectual discussions are missing without your contribution.
Noly & Gjoe: The rational and quiet comments.
Tamer: teskot teskot, we tefagar el kanabel
Gypo: Welcome back my twin mind, welcome back :)
Amina & Ahmed: always present, when will u get married?

Missed: Omar (rabena yefok de2tak), Mona (no comment), Saralona (howa ya omar ya balash), Elham (enti feen), Bo2bo2 & Embee the geeks, Fatima (om Jannat), Khateeb, & Yasmine.

This is in addition to all the new followers, commenters, and those who just read .. (e.g. Salma, Marrianne, Lao, Mohie, Sherry, Neisy, Ahmad, R El Tayeb, Willy, and many others) . Thank You all for trusting me, interacting with what I write, and giving me the chance to make a small positive difference.

Special thank to Marwa Rakha who is a good reader, analyzer, and a good listener as well.

I am sorry if I missed anyone, we are much bigger family than before, but believe me and know that I am very sincere when I say that": I DO LOVE YOU my virtual family :)))

May God Bless you.. where i can always see you around me, and help me to be up to your expectations.


P.S> Happy Mawled as well.


Nerro said...

Yuppppie "insert fireworks here"
Happy Anniversary dearest Mohaly. As a reader I would like to thank you for the authenticity and reality checks that you provide. Let alone the thought provoking and food for thought you continuously offer. Keep it up my friend and isa law rabena edana 3omr will be celebrating the 40th anniversary.
p.s: thank you for your lovely words.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

mabrouk ya mohaly

feen el posts which i like :) momken shewaya maskhara?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Wooow, I can't believe it is 4 yrs already. It just feels like yesterday when I came across your blog and I whispered Eureka!

You got me attached with "the right thing, the right place and the right time". :)

And your blog became a second home to me too, it is even more homey than my own blog. You gave me the chance to discuss things and this is one of the best things anyone can do to me. And I don't think I ever thanked you for giving me that chance. So thank you Mohaly for everything :)

Bon Anniversaire

E N G Y said...

Happy Anniversary Mohaly..3o2bal the 50th:))

Keep it up dear virtual friend:))

PS: wondering if "Engy" u mentioned here is me..if yes,am flattered then…if not, hope to be mentioned in the next yr celebrating post:)

amina said...

u r the only Engy

Mohaly, thank u, enta 3ereft ezay!!

ibhog said...

Yes, I agree with Shimaa; your blog is very homey and this editor witnessed some of my best writings honestly.

You're a role model Mohaly, and I think not just for me, but for many.

Thanks for your words and Amen to your prayers.

May you go on, touch people's lives and change them, like you've always been doing :)

sherry said...

Happy anniversary:)

I still remember first time I visited your blog, I added it to my favourite list, so each time I come back I go through that post I read on my first visit.....It was in last Feb n i was surprised to notice the elapse of one year...I agree, your blog is very interesting n Homey....In fact, whenever I have extra time n wanna read something, I go to ur early posts :)waiting for ur tomorrow's post :)

deppy said...

Happy anniversary Mohaly, 3o2baal l anniversary l million inshalah :)

As much as I'm happy for you bas I wish I joined "virtual family/our second home" earlier bas mal7o2a inshalah.

Thanks for your words :). And thank you for what you've done and still doing :)

Noly said...

Mohaly ya Mohaly ya Mohalyyyyyy, Happy Anniversary ya Mohaly :)w 3o2bal keda el 77 ISA :).

Bgd I'm flattered for mentioning my name in your list, Thank you but not only for this but for opening the gate for me to know so many things I have never known or even thought about it before. Plus ba2a knowing many nice and intellectual people as well. BGD I'm so happy for knowing this nice small virtual family :).

Keep up the good work ya fandem we7na warak :)).

Mohaly said...

Don't know what to say ... You assured me that everything I said about us is true and I am "doing the right thing in the right place at the right time".

saralona said...

1st thing i have 2 say is that u cant imagine my happiness when seeing ma name and that although i left the blog ( coz 3amora is not here tb3n :D:D:D ;)) i put a sign in ur mind and u still remember me on ur blog's anniversary

2nd dnt worry ya mohal im here and following ur posts not regularly coz of my work but from time 2 time and thnx for ur hard effort and working in the success of that blog and trying even making a simple smile and hope 2 ur readers

3rd b2a we dh ahm men kolllllllll elly fattt " YA 3MORAAAA WHERE R U B2AAAAAA "
please ya mohal tameny 3leh im 2 worried of ur word " rabena yefok de2tak " 2ady akhret elmashy elbatal shoft b2aaaa :D:D:D:D

Mohaly said...

wala zaman ya saralona. Omar is ok, but he passed through very hard time after he was laid off in the late crisis and being abandoned by his girlfriend when she knew that!
He is getting back to normal soon ISA.

Ze2red said...

Oppppaaa... i'm on the list of people you didn't forget. Flattered and blushing. bas i fell on the ground laughing at "Qonbelet 2010 =))"

Happy birthday for the blog and from one success to a better one.

and for ma3lomatak el 3amma, i started following you since ramdan's posts :)

PS: ana za3lana w badabdeb fel 2ard zay el atfal. i was preparing for a post like this for my blog's anniversary. i started preparing it last month, now you blew it for me, 23mel eh ana ba2a!!!

Mohaly said...

Ma3lesh, post it and it will be different bardo :)

Mona said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! and congratulations on the turn out.

On another note, sorry to hear about Omar's recent challenges, but I am sure he will come out of this a stronger person. I am sending him positive thoughts and prayers for guidance and healing.

merhan said...

Mohaly ..Happy Anniversary..sorry to be one of the last people to congratulate u on this event and not celebrating it with u at the time but better late than never:))
I cannot tell u how flattered and proud i am that u mentioned me in yor lovely interesting blog and consigering me one of your virtual family and friend as well.To tell u the truth this blog was one of the vents that usually put me out of a bad mood and amuse me .Sure looking forward to plenty of years ahead ;)

Mohaly said...

Thank You Merhan :))

lao said...

ezay enta bet2ol kalam gamed keda,really get straight to my heart,,HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :))keep it up.

p.s ana 3ayza a2olk en EL BLOG DA BEYDAY3 WA2TY GIDAAAN,bec,when i enter i can never close it,bas bardo i can never say eno wa2t we da3 coz i learn more everytime im here:)

Mohaly said...

Lao, thank u, that is music to my ears :)

Ze2red said...

I celebrated my blog's anniversary few days ago. the post is out and it is different :p

check it out: http://ze2red.blogspot.com/2010/04/validation.html