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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

657) The Vision - Episode 5 - Life & Living !

You have mentionedwho you are, your mission, what is your uniqueness, and what difference you can make in this world...
Now look back at your life in order to know how did you spend it...
Ask yourself:
What does Life and Living mean to you
Is it the breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, sex,..etc, or is it something else? or...?
Think about it and share with us..


Ahmed said...

i thought it is something else
but everyday i realize that it ends up to
toooooooooooor fe sa2ya

Mohaly said...

Why ya Ahmed?

amina said...

I am survivng bel3afya

Ze2red said...

This would sound weird after everything i wrote before. I feel like i'm facing a fork between leading the same life i've been living for 4 years now, and i would feel like i'm forced doing that. and heading to a new kind of life which i don't think i'm capable of making the switch towards it right now.

So i'm alive but not living.

amina said...

ezay ya ze2red,

i feel that u r talking of my behalf

Anonymous said...

i did all my duties over the past years of my life. when i thought i can start living i have realized that it is too late now.
guess, i have to survive the coming years somehow

Mohaly said...

start now anonymous (who are u?) start now..

Mohaly said...

ze2red, that contradicts what u said before.. u should do what u say
wala eih

Ze2red said...

@ Amina: i went to one of the best schools, or at least i thought so. I didn't do the effort and i was offered a job. Sometimes i tend to look backward and it''s like i took for my dad's sake. I used to enjoy it, now i'm not, therefore i'm not giving it my 100% like before. So to face this i need to make a decision either to find a way to fall in love again for what i'm doing. Or face the crowd and pursuit that change of heart that has been nagging me for too long.

@ Mohaly: this is why it sounded weird, i should do what i said "which is what i used to do" till lately sometimes i can't find the desire.

deppy said...

That's the toughest one, but I spent it surviving(with all the meaning this word may hold). In other words, been on and off MY track.

Mohaly said...

u think so deppy, wait for espisodes 6 and 7 and u know how it will really tough...

Noly said...
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Noly said...

Well, Life for me is a mixture:

1) I feel alive when I'm achieving my dreams and my targets, when I'm happy and enjoying my life bgad , when I feel important w bgd b3ml 7aga far2a m3a el nas.

2) I feel eny just living w 5las w ahy ayam w bt3ady zayaha zay gherha when I'm down ba2a for any reason.

w 3ala fekra both happen in any person's life, these ups and downs, achievements and failures.
When you are successful, happy,... you feel that your life really worthwhile and when you fail,disappointed you feel the opposite.

sherry said...

Well, Mohaly....in order to make a difference, one must start with self....I believe that each one of us is born with certain challenges surrounding them.....what the difference I make?....each time I beat a challenge, I believe I inspire myself n all knowing me..is it my aim ...well, I hope so....However, I have bn blessed with so many delights comapred to which my challenges remain small.I believe by perceiving Life Positively and keeping it up throughout the journey no matter how bad things get ....and yet hoping for better to come......that's what I hope for....Im inspired by keeping my eyes open to people with different visions....so it is really mutual....Im aiming to make a difference in my own life n within my small circle...Just trying....sometimes, I succeed, other times I fail...but I keep trying....

sherry said...

As for the Difference between Life n Living...well, we have equally been granted Life as born.....Yet, Living is an optional thing...some people spend their Journey (numb).....others actively engaged with surroundings.....it is totally different and there is a wide scope about "Living", how well? for what purpose? is it present tense, or only future tense ?...etc

deppy said...

kudos sherry!

オテモヤン said...


Ahmad said...

At last a man with a very good well handled intellectual English blog!! I thought there is some kind of rule against that! Good blog indeed ya Mohaly.
Been through the comments and noticed that no one answered the "what is your uniqueness" question, and I believe that each one of us are born with a specific gifts, and if we all used our gifts it will combine into creating heaven.
in less than a week I'll be 29, It took me that long to find our my true gift, what I was created to achieve in this world, but Being accustomed to a specific way of life for all that time, being used to my job, my social life, my rule in society, Feeling safe the way things are and unsafe when thinking about change, I think those are the issues I am struggling with lately.
Keep it up.

Mohaly said...

Thank You Ahmad for your kind words..

It is a blessing that you know what is your gift so that u dont waste your time in useless stuff..

Happy Birthday in Advance.. :)