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Thursday, January 31, 2008

360) Egypt almost without Internet!

2nd time in 5 years, 70% of the Internet in Egypt is down because of a cut in the main cable feeding Egypt, and it wont be fixed before a week!!
أصيبت شبكة الإنترنت الدولية في مصر أمس بشلل بسبب قطع في كابلات الاتصالات البحرية للألياف الضوئية في البحر المتوسط‏,‏ ووصلت نسبة التعطل في مصر إلي‏ 70 %,‏ بالإضافة إلي تأثر خدمات مراكز خدمة العملاء‏,‏ التي تقوم بتصدير خدماتها للخارج بنسب متفاوتة تتعدي الـ‏30%,‏ وبالإضافة إلي ذلك تأثرت المكالمات التليفونية مع أوروبا وأمريكا‏,‏ كما تأثرت حركة التداول داخل البورصة المصرية‏.
ولم يتم بعد تحديد سبب القطع الذي ينتظر أن يأخذ عدة أيام حتي تعود الخدمة لمستواها الطبيعي‏.‏‏
Every year more people and companies are using the net; i.e more losses. I think we should have a better plan B.


embee said...

AFAIK an anchor mangled the cables. Now I'm starting to get a feeling of how much I'm addicted to being online. Do you think the ISP's will compensate / make it up for the subscribers ? Or extreme wishful thinking ?

Mohaly said...

Actually they have announced that they will compensate us with 1 month, but I dont believe them, I guess it will be a week or so!
This is the first time I could log in since thursday morning.

Zahran said...

What is really scary is that in Egypt we have one or two points of
failure (few cables, if cut everything is down). Think about the near
where most of the work depends on being connected. This will make us
very vulnerable. I believe that connection is now becoming
a strategic resource. This means that we need to think, in Egypt,
about many different alternatives to connect to the net (cables,
satellite, ...).

omar said...

ya gama3a ana ebtadet ashok, 3andena fe UAE another cut just happened!
A third undersea cable was cut on Friday, just two days after two breaks near Egypt disrupted Web access in parts of the Middle East and Asia, Indian-owned cable network operator FLAG Telecom said.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hamoot wa3raf meen elly 2ata3 el cable. Tayeb el mara elly fatet 2alo el zelzal fi el gaza2er. what about this time. Akeed fi 7ad 2ata3oh. And the comes the question 2ata3oh lieh.
As Omar said, el mawdoo3 fi shak. eh elly yekhaly el cables di fag2a tet2te3.
I just hope it get fixed soon.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

i believe that it's about time to change into get internet to satellite, should be even cheaper and faster big time!