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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

358) The "Cold War"!!

What kind of country where 22 people dies, 22 injured, 2 houses collapsed, other burnt, numerous accidents, ... etc. in JUST TWO DAYS of cold (degree still above zero)!! I guess this is our own version of the "Cold War"!

في اليوم الثاني لتكشيرها عن أنيابها‏;‏ تسببت طوبة بسوء أحوالها الجوية وأمطارها الغزيرة في مصرع‏22‏ شخصا‏,‏ وإصابة‏22‏ آخرين أمس‏,‏ في عدة حوادث شملت انهيار منزلين‏,‏ واحتراق ثالث‏,‏ وتصادم ثماني سيارات‏,‏ وسقوط شخصين من أعلي منزلهما لشدة الرياح‏.‏


Shimaa Gamal said...

el moshekla en if this "cold war" didn't stop anytime soon, the rest of the Egyptians will die ...
We are not fit for that weather.
Now, I know eh khala el far3na ye3bodo el shams, akeed they suffered a couple of weeks like these days.

Gypo said...

It's simple. This is what they call crisis management. Crisis management dy en el dawla (koll el authorities I mean) el mafrood en 3andaha plan lemowagahet el kawares el tabee3eyya (we gheir el tabee3eyya as well), ya3ny this is not the first time that it rains in Egypt so for example, el mafrood en el dawla 3arfa en dah wet season, ya3ny lazem sarf el matar yekoon shaghal kwayyes, lazem yekoon el es3af mosta3ed aktar men el awwel, we lazem el nas tekoon more conservative fel sewa2a, ya3ny el mafrood en ayy 7aga te7sal tekoon motawakka3a, ennama elly beye7sal fee masr en koll 7aga beteegy mofag2a ka2en awwel marra neshofha fee 7ayatna. ma7addesh mosta3ed le2ay 7aga. yeegy wa7ed yet3ab, yetloboolo el es3af, 3arabeet el es3af mesh radya tedoor men el bard, aww el taree2 wa2ef 3ashan kan fee taxi far7an bel matara fa beyegry fee west el mayya 3ashan yeghsel batn el 3arabeyya geh yedoo3 el faramel mamesketsh khabat felly oddamo el balad we2fet men eskendria le aswan. wa halomma garran.

Mohaly said...


actually we have developed a new science in egypt which is Management by crisis not crisis management.