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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

354) You are NOT welcomed!

"Bad" Morning Mr. Bush,

I am an Egyptian citizen who loves his country and working hard to try to make a positive difference in his Egyptian society in specific, and Islamic society in general. And you are someone who are persistently mis-using his power to screw up my people, Arabs, and Muslims every where in the world.

As an Egyptian citizen, I consider Egypt my home, and simply ... YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED TODAY IN MY HOME.

I am only representing myself, but I am sure that non of my blog readers, friends, colleagues, family,..etc is welcoming you in Egypt or any Arab Islamic country.



Just a reader said...

I agree with you ya mohaly, he is not welcomed in Egypt. I don’t know how the Arab rulers received him warmly and danced with him with swords as if he is the liberator of Jerusalem from the Crusaders. Even the Saudi King honored him with the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, the country's highest honor, maybe the honor of killing the Iraqis and the Palestinians and turning to Iran and who knows who is the next!!!!!!!!!!!! They bought weapons with $20 billion!!!! I don’t know to fight which enemy or defend who?????????
Anyway, hope that our president will not dance with him too :)

Amr Ahmed said...

هو هنا النهاردة؟

وانا كمان بارفضه

هي ناقصاه هو كمان

جاي يغيظنا في بلدنا

daktara said...

i'm of course completly agree with you.
from here
from Sharm Elshiekh

look around.
dr. khaled azab

only love said...

hi guys, I totally agree with u about this stupid visit to our country, I really thought many times why they are doing this while they are seeing what is happening what is happening to our sisters and brothers in the arab countries but i found the only answer for this was ( FEAR) I don't know whether this is right or not but my messege here for them if it was yes with this roman proverb( IT'S BETTER TO LIVE ONE DAY AS A LION,THAN A THOUSAND DAYS AS A LAMB )just say NO when u r supposed to say it.
and sorry for writing too much.