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Saturday, January 5, 2008

347) The Hard Teacher!

One of my friends asked me why do we get shocked when we graduate and discover that we were dreaming?

My answer to her and to everyone is simply:
Experience is a hard teacher, because it gives the test first, then the lesson afterwards.

We need to have a mission, then experience will help us to set the right goals and objectives. As long as you are keeping your vision clear, and determined on your mission, any drawback will be an experience not a problem.



omar said...

yes that is very true. what a teacher!

only love said...

ammm i agree with you mohaly about what u mentioned about experience is a hard teacher but when i look to it from another angle i see alot of reasons can shock alot of graduates nowadays. simply ( NEPOTISM)one of the greatest reason to break the dream of any talented person. may be this is not in all the places here in egypt but let me say it's not less than 70%. this english proverb i used to listen to it before graduating but i didn't pay attention to it but afterwards i realised that it was true ( IT'S NOT WHAT YOU HAVE, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW)and sorry for writing alot.