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Sunday, January 13, 2008

352) 7abebet El Malayeen!

No comment!


Shimaa Gamal said...

Homa meen el malayeen dool??? kolohom sakneen fi el share3 dah ya3ny?? wel share3 emoh el rasmy keda. share3 7abeebet el malayeen? wel share3 dah fien. mesh el 2osool bardo 7abebet el malayeen esmaha yet7at 3ala share3 yelee2 beeha. or at least el yafta tekoon 3ala ad 7ob el malayeen dool.

dah mayt2alsh 3alieh ay 7ag 3'ier 3agaby.

only love said...

msh 3rfa leh ya mohaly after reading your political topics ebtadet akhaf 3lak :D
shaklk msh hatehda gher lma yakhdok re7la ly kesm shobra zay fy film (hya fawda ) 3eb 3lak ezay te2ol keda 3la mama suzy :S dy 7ta ro7y ro7y ro7y ya ragel :S
3la ra2y el film (bas ana msh fakra esmo) hya mama wy hya papa wy hya kol haga fel donya dy :D wy 3agaby 3la ra2y shimaa :D

Mohaly said...

Thank u for ur concern ya (only love) but I actually said "no comment" which "officially" means that I dont have something to say more that what is written ;)

we ba3deen, I really dont care who rules Egypt, or who is the next president, what I care about is who is the next intellectual, who is the next writer, who is the next creative...etc when we have a generation of better people, then we will deserve a generation of better rulers.

we ahlan beeky ya mama suzan, ahlan beeky fe kol makan.

omar said...

cool, we have now Negmet el Gamaheer and 7abebet el Malayeen!

only love said...

tesada2 ya mohaly f3lan khat baly now en enta msh katb ay comment wna ely ma sha2 allah katabt comment lya wy ly masr kolha m3aya :D shakly keda ana ely haro7 el re7la dy msh enta.
bas te3raf gamda a2wy 7etet
(ahln beky ya mama suzan ahlan beky fy kol makan dy) ada2ak fy tatawor mostamer :)