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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

350) 7ena Maysara ... Ya khofee 3aleeki ya Masr!

I went to see 7eena Maysara last Monday after what I read and heard about it. It is a real reflection of the crisis and miserable situation that about 20% of the Egyptian population suffer from that directly and indirectly lead to un-employment, ignorance, addiction, adultery, homosexuality, homeless children, and terrorism.“Hena Maysara” paints a nightmarish, and completely credible, picture of low class in Egypt.

The film plot is mainly around Adel, a mechanic who struggles to support his mother, nieces and nephews left behind by absent brother and killed sister, meets Nahed who has fled abuse at the hands of her stepfather in Banha. Nahed becomes pregnant. Adel, who is already struggling to make ends meet, rejects the child because of poverty and the two go their separate ways. The rest of the film follows the separate and mostly tormented & regret lives of Nahed, Adel and their son, Ayman.

It is a WELL DONE movie expect for couple of scenes that were over, and the non-convincing part of turning a well educated kid into a street kid just because his adopted parents left him. The scenario, directing, shooting, set, music, costumes, were great. The acting was an Oscar level! all of them especially Amr Saad, Hala Fakher, Somaya El Khasbab, and the incredibly funny Amr Abdel Gelil. The one shot of Khaled Saleh reminded me of waiting for the Godot, as both of them were waited for throughout the plots.

These people shouldn't exist in the society. But because of the appearnece of the exteremely rich (that shouldnt be there too) who gained such incredible amounts of money on the expense of these poor people, the appearance of such exteremly poor is a counter act. And if the society wouldnt do something about both, we will face a social BOMB soon.


"There is nothing particularly original about either "Maysara’s" characters (impoverished young men, mothers forced by circumstance to seek work abroad), or its themes (poverty, violence and abuse). What sets this film apart is the way it humanizes its protagonists, ensuring that they are not reduced to clichéd stereotypes. Sara Carr in Daily News.


amina said...

excpet for the scenes that I was shy to see (3 or 4 explicit sexual scenes) the movie succeeded to dig deep into the core of these people and I was shocked to see all these problems in 1 place.
As you said Mohaly, it is a social bomb, and day after day it is being bigger and bigger. The rich should be the ones who are eager to help at least to avoid the serious collateral damage that will happen if there people rebel. These are the mob in the french revolution, and I guess all of us dont want to see it in Egypt, aren't we?!

كبر دماغك said...

tayeb bous ba2a esta7melny like always
mabda2eyan i hate khaled youssef 3ashan ba7eso afaak w mesh sadee2 lama beytkalem dah awlan saba7 el khier beta3ty ya3nee before ma ankod el film

awlan research haylaaaaaa men el kateb aw howa akeed he lived noce fel 3ashwa2eyat i worked fr 6 years in development orgs w el nas kedah w aw7ash kaman

el decore helw awe true gedan

el tamseeel begad TOU7FA awlan wafaa 3amer ,hala fakher, amr sa3d amr abd el gelel etc every 1 fel film ma3ada el zabet ahmed sa3eed i guess

gheer kedah el film zebalah

ma3lesh esta7melny ha2oulak leeh w dah ra2yee el khas tamaman

1- structure scenario zeft million story in one and this cant be happening ka scenario structure ma yedkhoulsh mahrgaan el 3ataba mesh el kahera

2- dayman dayman dayman rich people in khaled youssef movies mesh kewyeseen 7ad ye2ouly eih lazmet el couples el aghneya el akhado el walad w ba3deen ramo for no reason mantekey ! mesh ma3na enaha 7amel mara wa7da el ab yekraho w yermeh kedah la2 w kaman el walad mara wa7da yetbeset awe men el 3esha fel sahware3!

3 -ahmed bedeir? islamist? hayfagar el mante2a 3ashan he is a ka3da member?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? give me a break!!!!!!!!! w kaman beystekhdem el computer zay my mum ma betskhadem el i phone lool te2ouly ta3ly shoufy el beta3 dah beynawar kedah leeh lool i mean how come leeh ??? kol 7aga around this story leeeeh?? ok

4-el graphics el mo2refaaaaaaa el ma3moula ka2enaha hand made lool aw power point! loool walahy el mashhad el akheer dah sayeee2 sayyeee2 faneyaan sayeeeeeeee2

5- khaled youssef mesh artist he karar ye3mel haga 3an el 3ashwa2eyat fa katab ay haga w sawar ay haga w tele3 el film dah la kesa wala scenario wala haga ana tel3et mesh mesad2a en el nas actually 3agbha el film ...yuk!!!

6- sex scenes for no reason ya3nee el prostitute el 3aysha fel beet el gambohom w madahash 7a2aha deih mafehmtesh howa 3ayez ye2oul eih?? eih lazmet el bent deih? ta3zeebhom kolooooooooohooooooom fel 2esm? y? fe ta3zeeb mashy laken mesh lazem nedkahlo fe kol haga fe kol film!!!!!!!!!!

7- mohaly if u wanna go great movie go to el gezeira that a hell of a movie

Mohaly said...

thanks kabbar, i already agree about some points that i mentioned like the un-convincing part of the runaway kid, the scenes that were over (sex), I agree with you also abput the computer part :) but the movie at the end was able to deliver a real reflection of what happens in such places and the many lines are important because when people struggle to have their minimum basic needs, they can do anything...it is the source of evil specially with EL FARAGH whether in their time or mission.

I went to Al-Jazira, and it is really a piece of art...and based on a true story...Everyone was great in the movie..

I guess 2007 ended with 3 great movies Al-Gazira, Heya Fawda, and 7ena Maysara.

daktara said...

خالد يوسف
مخرج رائع وكل افلامه
فيها شغل وفن
سواء اتفقت معها او اختلفت

Omar Rostom said...

great movie and great post too :)