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Friday, January 18, 2008

355) Who is the pilot teacher?

Can you tell who is the pilot teacher in this clip?
What if this teacher has persued a career in acting?!

Sob7an Allah :)


Amr Ahmed said...

tab3an 7abeb 2albna kolena

ana shoftoh 3and wa2el 3abbas

bas 2eshta

fnana qadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

omar said...

yakhreb 3a2lak ya mohaly!
el "za3eem" fel seema ya welad

embee said...

El Kbeer kbeer tool 3omroh.. I think this was a very early tactical move 3ashan m7addish y2ool enno feeh 7aga mabyefhamsh feeha..

*bangs head repeatedly against desk*