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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

313) Toltomeya we Talatashar...007!

Toltomeya We Talatashar ... the 007 of Egypt!

All my generation (Mid 70s) will surely remember our high school time hero "Raafat El Haggan" (Refaat El Gammal) or David Samhoun (Jack Biton). I used to LOVE this series, and even open the TV 15 mins earlier just in case it starts early (u know Egyptian TV timings). I really miss those days...I rarely get excited now about something, specially on TV!

By the way he died on 1982, i.e 3 years before the novel, and 6 years before the TV series.



omar said...

The best TV series in history :))))))))))))))

embee said...
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embee said...

Very true btw. It was very well done and caught the hearts & minds of many many people during the airing years. I should get that on tape or something !

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

yaaaaaaah u sent me back in time
i love it, and was crazy about it

u know we eh kaman
adel emam-domo3 fe 3oyoun wake7a

kanet ayaaaaaaaam