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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

296) The Dark Side of Egypt I - Gawaz 3urfi!

Since I started a series called BrightSide of Egypt talking about good people and stuff in our generation, I thought of creating balance and start the DarkSide of Egypt too. Hopefully the bright side posts will outnumber the DarkSide ones :)

The first topic and one of the most serious DarkSide issues in our generation is the 3urfi Marriage where any 2 can just write a paper and keep a copy in a hypocrite way for just having sex (sorry for being blunt). It is the Quran (Al-baqara) which said that the Hypocrites will be in the lowest level in Hell (a3ozo Bellah). So even those who have a "western" boy-girl friend style are not as worse as those who are 3urfi married coz they are fooling themselves, the society, and think that they are "fooling" Allah.

I know that there are many reasons that have led to this situation including financial, economic, social, and religious awareness as well. But when you read the following part of a study, you will know why I decided to dedicate my first post about the DarkSide for it.

كشفت إحصائيات صادرة عن وزارة الشؤون الاجتماعية المصرية، النقاب عن وجود أكثر من 255 ألف طالب وطالبة في مصر متزوجون عرفيا. ويشكل هذا العدد نسبة تصل إلى 17 % من طلبة الجامعات في مصر، والبالغ عددهم 5.1 مليونا. وبحسب الإحصائية فان هناك 14 ألف طفل من مجهولي النسب هم نتاج هذا النوع من الزواج.

Continuing with this rate will not only be a problem but will be a catastrophe as it act as an avalanche that will swap many of the long-lived Egyptian characteristics along the way the least of which will be the family values.

Mohaly :(


bo2bo2 said...

i think the biggest part of the problem is that it's becoming like a trend
"all the cool kids r doing it" it's being adopted by kids influenced by the western culture and the religious quilt is being compensated by the "mofty" saying it's only 7aram as u r not obeying "oly el amr"..

how can u fight something like this..!

i've met a couple and talked to him about it he's proud of it and she is also (they're two Egyptian kids) yeah we love each other and when we can we will get married and let our parents know.. to quote him "i am only 20 i don't know if i want to spend the rest of my life with myself, how should i know if i want to spend my whole life with her." problem is that she nodded along.!!

and the kids are bright and doing well in college ....

bo2bo2 said...

it's not like the TV shows the stereo type of "shabab fa2ed" aw bent mad7ook 3aleeha ...

كبر دماغك said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm gheer el fa2r and they have no money and place they can stay and no anything the guy could offer

1- its because of the 3adat ! yes el 3adat
3ashan the 3adat calls that the guys should make tons of things in the marriage process ( shabka mahr erayet fat7a khoutoba fara7 big sha2a living room salon entrance mesh 3aref eih hagat keteeeeer awe) and its all costs alotttttttttttttt of money ana batkalem 3ala something all Egyptian different social classes do it they all PAY ALOT OF MONEY WHEN THEY GET MARRIED

tayeb bel 3a2l kedah dah NORMAL? ya3nee am not a guy bas if a guy going to get married and he is just graduated or lesa not graduated bel 3a2l deih kolaha hagat LAZEM YE3MELHA LEEH??? leeh el dawla dont offer apartments like studios just one room one kitchen one bathroom and living room and mfeesh wa2t wala felous ba2a lel 3abat beta3 el process el habla el beno3ood ne3mlha deih we are facing criss now mesh wa2t fashkhara :)

ya3nee as long that en fe eshhar w en el ragel 3a2el khalas deih sherout el gawaz ( إذ جأكم من ترضون دينه و خلقه زوجوه و إن لم تفعلوا تكن فتنة فى الأرض و فساد كبير)

2- upper classes they do el 3ourfy thing just for not doing something haram ya3nee they wanna be togther bas mesh 3ala toul zay th guy kedah lama 22al in bo2b2 commented so they get 3ourfy marrige

3 - arga3 a2aoul AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN
EL KHETAB EL DENEY ok howa el ghalat 3ala the girl or the guy? both sa7? ok zena penalty mesh on both? if they kill some one same penalty if they want to have breakfast during ramadan like i want now bas maynf3sh w haram:)3ashan seyam yeb2a same thing 3and rabena we both did something haram sa7? tayeb have u ever heard sheikh beytkalem 3an el mar2a fe haga and say anything except ( el hegab 3efa wa tahara?!) (am veiled bas 3ashan ma7adesh yedkhoul yeshtemny:)

el khetab el deney lama beykalem el ragel bey2ouloo el set deih lazem tekhaf 3aleha lazem tekalmha 3ala el ( hejab) or yewageh kalamo kolo lel set that she mst be veiled 3ashan if not its haram ..tayeb 3oumrak shout shiekh beytkalem 3ala real problems that concerns both men and women?
-ghala2 el as3ar

ya3nee akeed fe khetab lazem yetwageh lel ragel ye2oulo el set deih eih? and how he should treat her mesh 3ashan deen bas 3ashan this is any human being should do and same goes for the ladies lazem el khetab el yewagah lehom yeb2a more beneficial ya3nee ana mota2keda aslun en el fel e7sa2eya deih nosohom mohagbat 3ashan the bad zerouf mesh betfara2 ma ben mohagaba and not mohagaba

el khetab lazem yeb2a fa3aal and motagded and concerns real problems

tayeb eih kaman ?
like i said in my last comment the media
movies bet2asar fe 60% of our cultural thinking

and am quoting now from a movie

3aref the movie of el lemby ( ya tewafaro lel 3eyal deih kolah ya tegbolhom beyout yo3oodoo feha )
:D lool

bas kedah
p.s mohaly stop interesting topics ! 3ashan kedah hafdal akteb !

Mohaly said...

yes bo2bo2 i agree with trend part..but it is mainly 7aram not only because of not obeying 2oly el 2am but for the secret nature. 3urfi is halal (but not official in records) if it is known to everyone, and this how the marriage used to be before the 20th centurty.

Mohaly said...

kabbar, i just wanna disappoint you and say that i wont stop coz of this is the main mission of this blog, and i cant afford loosing such valuable and rich analysis like yours :)

for the khetab el deny, that is what i meant with "relegious awarness" because at Prophet's (PBUH) time there were poor and cool people too but they managed to get it right becuase of the right "khetab deeni" that is talking to them not to their ancestrors!

That is why I had Moez as one of the people who talks to me in relegion without telling me I am talking to you in relegious and you have to do so and so, no, he just make the life path more clearer for me and let me choose!

Jade said...

You know what is scary? Is that this statistic is probably way less than the real figures...

Rabena yostor 3ala shababna w banatna...