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Sunday, October 21, 2007

306) Dark Side of Egypt II - Mokhadarat!

I cant talk about the dark side in our generation without mentioning the scary increase of drug usage and addiction in the young (18-25) & mature youth (26-40) segments.

How many guys died from an overdose in the few couple of years? How many homes were torn apart because of addiction? How much money did the country loose on buying & healing, in addition to the waste of production time and energy? The questions are endless, and the sadness is overwhelming!!

Couple of days ago I read in Al-Ahram that 10% of the youth are drug ADDICTS, in addition to millions of users in different forms (Hash, ..etc). Imagine we have about 4 million drug addicts between 18 and 40!!

1. Why did it dramatically increase?

2. How can we contain it?

3. How can we (non-addicts) avoid it?

God Bless us all,

P.S. Thanks Embee for the video!


embee said...

Lately I've come to say that quite a lot. If people were properly educated and learned how think for themselves and not live up to the expectations of stereotypes, drug use (among other issues) will dramatically be decreased.
I've lost two close friends to drug-use, so the topic is definitely on my mind a lot !

On another note, if you haven't already, check out Amr Salama's short movie: The Advertisment (El E3lan) aka El Mokhadarat 7elwa @ http://tinyurl.com/3ah6rz. Excellent work! Cheers ya Mohaly :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

ضغوط الحياة
نسيان حقيقة اننا بنى ادمين
عدم وجود مثل عليا نمشى وراها

قائمة طويلة طويلة طويلة

كبر دماغك said...

this is amr salamz movie:)
he is my friend and we are donig our next short movie about the religious dicourse in Egypt ( el khetab el deney el islamy fe masr )
if u like amr salam's movie i will tell u insha allah to come to our short movie opening as am the researcher and scriptwriter with amr and akeed howa el moukhreg:)
keep on the good topics
i wont comment about drugs this movie have all the answers

Mohaly said...

great Kabbar..
please do, I like movies and theatre very much...If I wasnt a Consultant/Trainer, I would have been an Author/Director, but first things first as Covery says :)

Raghda said...

its a great movie and great topic...
but addiction is not about drugs only...we all are addicts...
actually i had little experiance in drug prevention and to pass through a part of the healing program in order to do it with the addicts...i found myself an addict in a way....
the reason for addiction is (el horoob)..they can't face their lives...they can't face other ppl...they r not comfortable...so they take drugs..to hide...or to cover their pain or discomfort...
most of the addict i sow had a parent that et5alla 3anno aw mahtammesh beh...or have unstable home an any way....
they didn't learn how to face the pain..alone...as pain is part of our lives...
second ba2a....about Egypt...we tried to make drug education volunteerly at schools (2abl malfas to2a3 felras)...but they refuse us...as they think that we shouldn't nefatta7 3een el 3eyal 3al7agat de...
can u belive that..

Mohaly said...

same mentality that is banning sex education.. they consider it a taboo, and the society face problems becuase of it before and after marriage!