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Thursday, October 25, 2007

309) Suggestion ::: New National Anthem!

The national anthem is something that should make a direct connection with your heart, and directly relate to your mind. I don't think that Beladi Beladi is valid anymore, and I strongly recommend the following song to be our new national anthem for our generation!
If you read the lyrics carefully (specially the highlited parts) and compare it with Life in Egypt, its people, and government in your mind, you will find it the best song that can replace our national anthem lyrics (but keeping the same tune of beladi beladi 3ashan bas ne7es eno nasheed watani!).

za7ma ya donya za7ma ... za7ma we taho el 7abayeb
za7ma wala 3adsh ra7ma ... mowled we sa7bo ghaeb!

agy men hena, za7ma
aro7 hena, za7ma
hena aw hena, za7ma!

za7ma wana raye7lo ... wana fe west el ze7am
3ayezo yesma3 wa a2olo ... mabyewsalsh el Kalam!

za7ma we ma3atalani ... wen ro7t we mal2toush
akhaf aro7lo tani ... fe me3adi we mal2ahoush!

keteer el nas keteer ... wana 3ayez arkab wa 2ateer

el sa3a 2ela telt ... we ma3adi me3ah tamanya
la mel seka di ro7t ... wala la2ee seka tanya!

agy men hena, za7ma
aro7 hena, za7ma
hena aw hena, za7ma!

za7ma ya donya za7ma!



embee said...

VERY raw nerve ya Mohaly ! I've been a street fighter for the past 2 weeks - driving from a rural area beyond Ard El Lewa, to Maadi to Heliopolis on almost a daily basis.

I have a friend of mine who intends to heavily use napalm once he's appointed minister of transportation. I wanna live to see that day !

Gypo said...

Tayyeb dah 3an el za7ma.
I remember when I had too little time before I left the country, I had to get extracts from all my official documents including, guish, milad, takharrog, shagaret 3eila and all this stuff.
I remember on my 3rd or 4th day that I started singing another song that can also fit.
"ro7na henak we alolna hena..
henahoh henahoh
we gina hena we alolna henak...
la2 la2 la2 henahoh
nigi hena ye2olona henak..
we henak ye2ololna hena..
3al 7al dah ba2alna sanaaaaa..aaah"
Have a good day.

nourita said...

mmmm....i don't like that too
maybe you need a short holiday?

Mohaly said...

I already had it in Eid ya Nourita.. What I am passing through doesnt need a break, it just need time..I already had some chat over the phone with Gypo about it, and told him how I feel that I am doing what I want and I am satisfied with my accomplishments but not comfortable and doesnt feel that I am "fel forma!"