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Saturday, October 20, 2007

305) FUN ::: 7aga Sa23a!

Aho kolo 7aga sa23a, we salemli 3al Marketing :)


Gypo said...

Mashy 7alak ya sayyed, maho kollo sena3et sherket el ahram lel meyah el ghazeyya we ahmad zayy el 7agg ahmad.(we ba3dein efteker keda el neda2 el sha3by lel 7aga el sa23a eh? Cola-bebs(pepsi ya3ny))

Gypo said...

was really great talking to you by the way.
The most important thing that really matters is"yefham elly enta mabet2ouloush" don't forget this one.

Mohaly said...

yes indeed ya Gypo, cant forget that :)))

Fatiflower said...

no comment on this post!
but just wanna say that I missed you guys :)