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Sunday, October 7, 2007

300) The 300th Post: Supplication to Allah!

Allah does not expect perfection from us. What is expected of us is that when we make mistakes we move from the state of disobedience, return to Allah in repentance and seek refuge in the cover of mercy that He's provided for us. If we take too long and not seek refuge in the mercy of Allah and don't ask for forgiveness, our souls become used to the sins and even ruined by them.

In these Holy nights of Qadr, I ask Allah the Almighty to:

1. Grant us the pure soul (nafs) that drives us to obey Him and love doing good deeds.
2. Grant us the strong & healthy body that we can use in carrying on His duties.
3. Grant us the mature mind that drives us to develop and make a difference in this world.
4. Grant us the loving heart that drives us to care about each other and live in peace.

Allahom enak 3afo, 3'afour, to7eb el 3afo, fa3fo 3anna.
Sob7an Allah, Al 7amdullah, Allaho Akbar, wa La Ilah Ila Allah.
Wa salla Allah 3ala sayedna Muhammad, we 3ala 2aleh we Sa7beh agma3een. Ameen ya Rab el 3alameen.



amina said...

That's a beautiful du3a Mohaly, ameen ya rab :)

just a reader said...

may Allah accept all our good deeds and invocations

Fatiflower said...

Allahoma ameen!