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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

308) The Broken Records!

Has anyone got sick from the broken record statements that guys and girls use since 2ayam 3abdel 7alim till now!!

Him: Havent anyone told you that you have beautiful eyes.

Him: I have never met someone as kind, lovely, and beautiful as you!
Her: How many girls have you said these words to?
Him: You are the first girl in my life!

Him: I dont know why do I feel comfortable when I talk with you.
Her: I usually don't talk to guys on phone, but you are not like the other guys!

Him: Ana Ba7ebik, we ma2darsh a3eesh men gherik!
Her: Promise me that you will always love me!
Him: I wanna meet your father..
Her: Enta fage2teni, 2edeeni forsa afakar!

and then the typical marriage story where they forget all about the broken records, and be more concerned about broken arms, legs, heads...etc!!!!



omar said...

ya mohaly el banat heya el 7afza el estwanat le7ad matwa2a el ragel mena, then $#%#@%%$# :)

nourita said...


then comes up the hiddesn truth??


feel some bitterness in your post...are u ok?

Tamer Mokhtar said...

:) la2 la2 3eeb keda, wa7da wa7da 3alshabab, ba3deen yeboozoo, we teb2a enta el sabab :)

Gypo said...

3omrak 7abbeit wa7da ably?
el 7a2i2a ahh, ommy

Mohaly said...

i am ok Nourita, thank you... and ur feeling is unfort. right!