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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

312) The Kingdom of the Arab "Republic" of Egypt!

Since the start of history, Egypt has been ruled by a Governor, King, Wali, Sultan, Khedive...different names for a monarchy system, but since 54 years it has been ruled by a president. I was wondering when the 1952 "revolution" kicked the British out of Egypt, and kept the Kingdom for 1 whole year, why did they turned it into a republic then? and was it really the best way to rule Egypt?

Do you think that Egyptian people prefer to be ruled by a king or a president? Do they prefer a monarchy system or republican system? and Why?

P.S. I know that some of you (may be Gypo) will say and what is the difference, at the end the King and the President have absolute power, and they pass the thrown to their kids :)



Shimaa Gamal said...

I have a question, going through history you will find that all the different rulers of Egypt weren't Egyptians. The only Egyptians are those who held the title president. Do you think the error is in the presidential system as a system, or in the Egyptians as rulers?

Gypo said...

awwalan ya mohaly, you know that I had an opinion about the same subject a very long time ago, there is a difference and a major one as well.
Anyway, talking about non Egyptian rulers, history says that the only ruler who loved Egypt more than Egyptians did was Mohamed Aly (el kebir), and I read somewhere that he was,"kan masreyyan akthar men al masreyyeen shakhseyyan".

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hey Gypo
I agree Mohamed Aly Pacha has done to Egypt what Egyptians couldn't do in more than 50 years.
But don't you think that what he did is more related to the way he wanted to succeed rather than the way he loved Egypt?
{ana shayfa en goz2 kebeer mn naga7 el 7akem, ay 7akem le ay dawla, beyrga3 le tomoo7 el 7akem fi el magd el shakhsy.}
Anyway, If all the Egyptians and non Egyptians have done Egypt wrong, does it mean that the problem is in the Egyptian people?

omar said...

regardless of his Aim, at the end he benefited Egypt while now nobody benefits anyone except himself!

I really dont know if the problem is in the Egyptian or in Egypt!

P.S. Mohaly, is it true that the only Egyptians who ruled Egypt were the late Presidents as shaimaa said?!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Unfortunately ya Omar, Since the fall of the last pharaohs, non Egyptians ruled Egypt for centuries.
Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine kings as well as the Christian and Islamic ages ending by the Mohamed Ali Family.
The 1st Egyptian to rule Egypt was president Mohammed Naguib.
Even when Egyptians got the chance to choose a ruler, they chose Mohamed Ali.
I don't think at that time Egyptians thought of the nationality of the ruler.
check this out for more details on the history of the rulers of Egypt.


Shimaa Gamal said...
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Mohaly said...

That is true we didnt have an Egyptian Ruler for more than 2500 years, but we cant say "the only Egyptian are those who held the title president" because the Egyptian pharahos ruled Egypt as one country for more than 2500 years too, so 50% of our history we were ruled by Egyptians.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

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