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Friday, October 26, 2007

310) The Sex Pyramid

Couple of days ago, i got a question about sex education specially with teens and twenties... I remembered a nice article written 2 years ago by Janice Crouse about the Sex Education thruogh introducting the sex pyramid (like Moslow hierarchy keda :) that I saw as the best answer to this controversial question..I thought I should share the part about the sex pyramid with you to see whether you agree that this is the right way to discuss sex with younger generations or not.
The foundation is "Values." Parents must communicate their values clearly, unequivocally, often and effectively. They should be confident in the knowledge that Biblical values do not go "out of style" or become out-dated. All truth is God's truth and regardless of cultural trends, values remain true and reliable compasses to guide believers through all the situations of life. Religious values of respect, dignity and honor are universal values that need to be applied specifically to sexual behavior so that our boys learn to respect and honor girls, and girls learn dignity and self-respect so that they can effectively say "no."

The second step is "Relationships." Parents must communicate the importance of establishing a relationship of trust and respect before intimacy develops. Parents need to communicate basic principles about character development, honor and individual responsibility.
The third step is "Emotions." Young people are seldom aware of just how extensive is the emotional aspect of relationships - especially when sex is part of the mix. Parents can help their children develop emotional control and teach them to analyze their feelings. Parents need to focus on helping their children separate their emotions from their judgments and to be careful in getting emotionally involved before laying a foundation of trust and respect.
The fourth step is "Consequences." People today rarely understand the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and even those who are aware of them think that they won't get one. In a similar manner, most people think that they are "mature" and they believe that their relationships will "last forever.
At the top of the sex pyramid is the mechanics of the sexual act -- the "birds and bees" aspect. This actually should receive the least attention because it is the easiest part of sexual interaction to explain and understand, though, ironically, comprehensive sex education tends to focus on the biology of sexuality rather than the foundation on which sex is built.

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