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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

664) The Vision - Episode 7 - How?!

You know now who you are, your uniquenss, what difference you can make, your vision about life and death...
Enough thinking about big stuff, let's move into actions...

What are the strategies that you are setting to achieve your goals and realize your vision?!
in other words, what are the sequenced actions that you are going to take (or is taking) to achieve your goals?

Note that the strategy is your fingerprint, give it some thought..
Think Realistic, Think Big, Think we khalas!!



amina said...

that is very interesting
iu need to reflect before commenting

Evaluna said...

nope.. I'm not related to Saraluna.. my nickname is that of a fictional character of a favorite novel :)

this post.. now i'm having class flashbacks!

so yes.. I thought about my strategy.. I put a plan.. with steps and everything.. and I took very few steps.. but I keep pausing.. I have no idea why I pause a lot and for such long periods of time! I do take actions.. interrupted by long intervals of time of just slacking around!

Hmm.. any suggestions??


Ze2red said...

so the post is to raise up the question and let us think, or u need the answer?. Believe me the series is getting harder.

Mohaly said...

Evaluna, ok I see.

It is good that you have the self-start initiative. Many people lack this. Your problem is mainly with consistency.
Actually, that is very normal and will be discussed in Episode 8..

Mohaly said...

both ya ze2red i think and post answers if u want to share..

yes it is getting harder coz it is over with the big words and now it is into actions...

Ahmad said...

Realizing your vision doesn't need a specific strategy, It's not something to be planned, It's something that's very clear if you're seeking it and hidden if you don't care enough.
Achieving goals is a different story, I think if you know who you are, you discovered your uniqueness and have a clear vision of your goals then the hard part is over.
My actions towards achieving my goals are based on persistent, being patient, learning from my failures, trial and error, having some kind of support and always seeing the big picture.
I am very organized so I usually put a plan, write it down, then prepare a list of actions that needs to be taken to achieve that plan without determining any time limit "because it's disappointing when I exceed my time limit and I usually give up on the whole thing".

Mohaly said...

well said ya Ahmed.
just a small addition: Vision is just a dream if not turned into Goals & strategies.

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Xsara said...

Great Series Dr.Mohaly