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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

666) El Sheetan Mahzoz!

I don't know why 666 is associated with Satan, but since it is the 666th post, it may be an opportunity to talk about this unique creature.

I personally think that Satan's positioning is extremely exaggerated. We -people- feel better when we have someone to blame and throw all 0ur mistakes and wrong decisions upon him. The beauty is that other people will even listen, agree, and sometimes support and say: "El Sheetan Shater" (Satan is Clever). I actually think that till Judgement Day, "Satan" is lucky (El Sheetan Mahzoz). His job description is soo much matching with his targets, his clients, his working environment, and he can now just score by inertia!

People are weak, and they deny that the real devil is within them, the real devil is their inability to have a serious stop with themselves, admit what they did wrong, ask God & people for forgiveness, and start over. "Satan" is just a CATALYST in a chemical reaction. If you don't put the right ingredients from the beginning, don't blame the catalyst for the results.

I am not defending Satan of course, but I am -again- saying that his role is exaggerated specially with all the knowledge we gain over the millenniums. We should use the power of mind and faith to put him in the real size he deserves.

May God Bless us all from Satan, and from our inner devils.



Evaluna said...

*thumbs up*
exactly :)

good day!

insomniac said...

i love the "His job description is soo much matching with his targets, his clients, his working environment, and he can now just score by inertia!"... i actually laughed at how true it is :)


my mom would always say "kanet sa3et shetan"... and i always say "mahy ya sa3et shetan ya taqalobat gaw, but when is it really your fault, his fault, her fault, or my fault??"...

blaming someone else is a blessing tho, trust someone who only blames herself...

deppy said...

@ inso lol @ taklobat gaw :D

Cant agree more, specially the "catalyst"part, cause there is always "l nafs l amara bil soo2", which would never admit it's her fault. And along with that there is the contrary "l nafs l lawama".

Noha said...

Hi bro,

i like your post actually and sobhan Allah, Allah has stated very clearly in the quran that "in kayad al shytan kan da3eefa" i.e satan's power is quite limited and it is in our hands to percieve him as powerful or not! and you are again right when saying the shytan within outselves which is called, "al nafss" since omar ibn el khattab used to say... "alad a3da2ak nafsak alati bayn janbayik" i.e. your worse enemy is your own self unless you have tammed it in ta3at rabena...
thank you ya habiby for your kind reminder :)
love you
Nahnooh or om Nour ;))

zayed said...

666 talat setat, may be the devil is related with women!

Mohaly said...

Ahlan Ahlan my dear sister... finally i see u commenting on my posts :))

Ladies and Gents, please welcome my beloved sister Noha :)

Mohaly said...

zayed: da kalam bardo. This blog has a majority of female readers, i guess u are blacklisted already ;)

Shimaa Gamal said...

1st: Welcome Noha :)

2nd: No, Zayed, 666 is not related to women :)

Anonymous said...

loved it n loved ur sis. way of thinking...it seems ur Matching!!
E5waat b2a..hehe

Anonymous said...

A person is blamed for following Satan's steps , Satan doesn't control us , only tempt us and we either reject or follow blindly . He propose to us the evil way only :) but I remembered this prayer by Mohammad (PBUH):
"أعوذ بك من شر نفسي ومن شر الشيطان وشركه"

Mohaly said...

Anonymous: who are u :)

E N G Y said...

Hi Noha, welcome on ur bro's blog:)

"inner deviles" that's correct Mohaly, sometines Satan is "ghalban awy" compared to some ppl's inner deviles..seriously!

That why am always praying "rabena ykfeeny shar nafsy el amara bel sou2"..We all know how to distracte ourselves from "waswaset al shotan", but it's so hard to get distracted from our ouwn souls!

Ahmad said...

"but it's so hard to get distracted from our own souls!"
I think you ment "from ourselves" instead of "from our own souls"