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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

673) The Vision - Episode 8 - Obstacles!

In Episode 7, you should have drawn your path/strategy to reach your goals. Now you have to think deeply about the barriers and obstacles that may come in your way to implement these strategies. These barriers can be internal (being lazy for example) or external (e.g. against family will).

Then have a table of 4 columns as follows:

Be realistic in your approach and take enough time to think.
If you want, please share with us the obstacles and let's discuss how can you overcome it. It is an opportunity to make use of the blog intellectual minds we have here :)



saralona said...

enta begd 7ad gameel awy :)

Ze2red said...

This one is nice, i like the idea.


Anonymous said...

I've downloaded this table from the internet 1 year ago and it helped me alot

Mohaly said...

Thanks a lot Saralona, a7ragteeni :)

Ze2red: great, then share with us.

Anonymous: Are you sure, I have just drawn this table in the morning!

Dalia said...

what if the obstacle was a financial one?

I want to complete my studies and make a MBA and PHD but don't have money for it. Plus you can not ask your parents for more. Enough what they have done for me!

E N G Y said...

You could look for a scholarship or a university that adopt financial aid program, it may takes some time for searching and applying, and some effort as u will be needed to write countless essays and take certain exams –depends on the university requirements- , but as long as u have the will and if you won’t be frustrated if you get rejected in your first trials, finally you will find something suitable isA.

Wish u luck:)

Anonymous said...

1.I want start my own business i want to work for my self.
I don't know about the strategy to reach that goal-at least it is not clear for me now- but the obstacles will be lack of experience, lack of financing, i do need my current job so i can not give the project my full time.
2. I don't know if my other goal is considered goal or not but any way i will tell you guys you don't know me anyways so here we go, i want be mama , so please don't tell me go and get marry cause between me and my fiance thousands of miles and other tons of problems to over come before we get together.
thanks mohaly

Dalia said...

Thank you Engy alot for your help:).

Mohaly said...

I support Engy, and you can (Dalia) also start with something that cost less (e.g Diploma) that matches your budget for the time being.

Mohaly said...


1. lack of experience: you need to work in the same field for at least 3 years before opening your own business.
lack of financing: you can have a saving plan during these 3 years from the job + maximum of 20% extra individual bank loan to start the business.
By the end of the 2nd year, you should start work on the establishment of the company and bit by bit move out from the full-time job.

2. lel2asaf: Being a Mama, has one way which is marriage. But getting married to the wrong father of your children is the worst thing you can do as a mother... so take all the time you need and don't get married expect to the person that you get along with his mind, and respect him enough so that your children will be proud of holding his name.

Dina said...

where is ur sunday post, mohaly?

Mohamed Emam said...

I liked your idea Dr. Mohamed :-)

Anonymous said...

This is Yasmine, a friend of Mohamed (Mohaly)
He is a business trip and sick, he couldn't connect with his laptop and can't go out to a business center as he needs rest.
He asked me to promise you that he will continue writing when he gets better and have an access.

Sohad said...

Sometimes it's fear from success, fear to develop more in a pace that will only result in leaving a loved one behind. It's lonley at the top and you know that.. Perhaps It's the inner critique, the ultimate perfectionist which will never be satisfied! I can't tell exactly but I know I am pushing myself towards reaching my potential. Moving slowest maybe but it has to be with confidence and assurance before running the race. I am not late because it wasn't possible before to do anything. I wasn't who I am today :)))

Sohad said...

Thank you for the amazing series. You helped me to understand myself more and to put things into perspective.
The way I am dealing with my goals, will not be the same.
Your blog and friendship are among the top 15 item on my gratitude list. I am thankful, grateful and complete. Thank you

Mohaly said...

Thank You .. This is the real goal of writing it :)