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Sunday, March 14, 2010

668) No Hard Feelings -Eps.3- Men Buttons!

Back to Engy's query about men and buttons & how may they say something they don't mean or do...!

In my opinion, the problem ya Engy is that many men want to have everything in one women. They do ignore some stuff at the begining (when passion or lust is in the air), then once they feel they have it all, they start looking back for the missing stuff. At this point they may say stuff that they really don't feel or mean; i.e. push the "acting button".

Men have many buttons, the most common are:

"Career Button": Unless you will give support, care, and respect, don't even think to mess with this button.

"Food Button": I don't know why do married men get so interested in food, but this button can be easily controlled with understanding his taste and matching it with your capabilities.

"Sex Button": Handle with care. Men look at sex differently, it is more of a need than a passion. So if you are not pressing the right buttons at the right time, the animal inside him will come out and be un-controllable.

"Hobbies Button": Football or other. This can be controlled by giving him sometime off to do it, and trying to share it with him from time to time (and keep an eye as well ;).

Other buttons depends on the personality of the man and lifestyle. In all cases, note by hard the real priorities of your man, and you set the right strategy to control all the buttons. BUT TAKE CARE, he has to feel that he is the one controlling, even if he really isn't ;)


Next Sunday: Nerro's question about "what you see is what you get" and its boredom..


insomniac said...

now the question is... why would a woman in the right head bother?!

in other words, what does a man have to offer in order to add value to her life... i get the obvious, but there is more to it than the easy answers you know... will he notice her buttons?? will he do the same effort he expects her to do for him?? will he really see aslan her efforts and appreciate them?

i don't mean to be cynical, but relationships are two-way kinda thing, otherwise they do not work...

Mohaly said...

yes it needs 2 insomniac but this is not the scope of this series. It is mainly tackling the issue from males prespective.
To answer ur question bardo... Many men take women for granted after marriage and only look at what they give and not what they get in return.

E N G Y said...

That's interesting Mohaly and it makes sense, but for women it's really too tiring to handle all these buttons, though it’s not impossible, just need a good portion of both love and understanding.

@Insomniac -> some men do notice women’s buttons and appreciate her effort, those are the happily married couple whose we sometimes see!:))

Thanks for the post Mohaly, have a good week ahead:)

Mohaly said...

enti feen ya nermeen, ana 3al blog aho?!

Nerro said...

Interesting...I find it hard to deal with buttons. However, I believe sometimes when partners in sort of in sync they get to figure out the buttons quite easily and handle with care.
is waiting :D
Can't you pretend eno it is Sunday next week already :D

Mohaly said...

I can pretend, but u need to press my right "buttons" ;-p

Nerro said...

Tabbbbbbbban...I suck :D
you are very systematic and a "perfectionist" by definition. Hence, I know it will come out on time next Sunday ;))

sherry said...

Hi Mohaly
well this post started as interesting and then by the second paragraph, it stopped ! (forgive me !) We all know about ( the needs buttons)...I thought U'd tell us more about ( attitude buttons or behavioural ones like ur 1st para when u said "acting button"....

I feel U cud have written more in depth about this...no need for guys to "yehdero dammak" , U told us what all both women & men know :)

Come on....tell us more :)

Mohaly said...

u r right ya sherry... I admit that.

amina said...

with all respect, i see it an inofrmative article specially it has ansered the question of Engy and then added to it.

Ze2red said...

i appreciated this piece of advice the most "BUT TAKE CARE, he has to feel that he is the one controlling, even if he really isn't ;)" Don't most men in successful relationship are being controlled and given the illusion that they are the ones in control?

Now i have a little question, and i don't know if it fits the series, Why do men sometimes distant themselves from their partners? I mean when they are feeling down or stuck with a problem they enter their caves, and stop talking, but when it's one of his guys friends he opens up so easily?

Mohaly said...

Ze2red, it is in the core of the subject. Will add it to the list of questions.