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Sunday, March 7, 2010

665) Personal ::: Many Hard Feelings!

I am very sorry for not writing my weekly article in the "No Hard Feelings" series. I am just fed up with the enormous pressure my family (and extended family) is putting on me during the whole of past week on daily and even hourly basis.

I cant feel worse about myself! They are making me feel like being of no benefit or value if I am not maried. "You will regret it", "You will just take what others left", "You will live in Misery"!

Quick Example: I attended my cousin's engagement in the weekend, and every single aunt/woman relative was screwing my head with "see this girl, what about the other girl I told you about, why dont you go out with a third girl since your sister is here,....etc).

They are after me at home, on mobile, events, even on facebook!

I am sorry dear readers, in such mood I will be lying if I said "No Hard Feelings", coz there are many inside me now.

P.S. I promise to continue with episode 3 next week in-shaa-Allah.



ayouya said...

Hey Doc.
Take it easy and cheer up. As long as you're confident with what you have and know what you're looking for, then no worries.. You'll get the best!

Aya Ali

deppy said...

Moh, do whatever YOU want, they wont stop pressuring you, it's a tradition thing. w bardo dont blame them, they might want to "yefra7o, w yshofo weladak" wl kalam da.

you can play safe and see these girls w 7'alas, am not telling you to marry them bas raya7hom w shofhom bas :)

w fil awel w fil a7'er ma7desh 3arf l naseeb feen w emta :)

About the post, take whatever time you need we can wait :)

insomniac said...


"You will regret it", and "You will live in Misery" if you choose the wrong person!

and the winner is:

"You will just take what others left"

ma3 e7teramy el shadeed, da kalam GHALAT... seriously!!!!!

whatever happened to "naseeb"... that phrase is wrong on so many level i could write an entire post (wenta 3aref betoo3y towal we momeleen!!)...

you will get married when you do, it's as simple as that... elly yezen 3aleik tanesho, this is sort of how it works in egypt, or so i am beginning to find out!

Marwa said...

They will never ever stop 3ala fekra, don't ever think that when you marry it will be over, and they will leave you alone, I thought this abl keda...

People are never satisfied with your status ever, they are always demanding from you something...

Ya3ny after you get married ISA...they will ask you for kids, and telling you yalla ba2a shed 7eelak ????!!!!! we 3ashan mayeb2ash far2 elsen kebeer beinak we benhom...

And after your first child,,,,, haaaa yalla ba2a 7'aweeh 3ashan mayeb2ash lawa7do feldonia...... etc.

So, do whatever you feel like in the time you see best ... coz this will go on and people will never get satisfied of your current status :S

Evaluna said...

and here I thought that society performed this kind of pressure on girls only. well.. it MIGHT still be harder on girls.. cause then they use such ridiculous terms like "3anes" (what's wrong with a 37 year old single woman? feha eh ya3ny?).. ughhh.. utter provocation! i HATE this topic and i HATE the kind of pressure caused by people (especially family). it's annoying, frustrating, and it sort of just pushes the one exposed to such pressure to stubbornness.. ely howa "tayeb ana msh hatgawez khales.. ana 3ayza 2a3anes wan7aref w ma7adesh le da3wa". they just don't get it... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN THAN WAY! PEOPLE ARE NOT COMMODITIES. i hate fix ups!

humff.. brought back bad memories of meeting up with "suitors"! *sigh*

Noblese said...

Hi Mohaly ... head up! Just let them talk and don't let them get to you. When the right time comes you'll find your princess.
Take care and cheer up.

Anonymous said...

U're lying Mohaly 2 urself Coz it sounds like U do have the opposite inside; which r beautiful emotional feelings that u need to share wiz some1.
But what makes it worse & ur parents stress on it is: "THE DAMN Internal Confusion" ur living; as ur emotional person do have those sentimental feelings,the intention to marry & want to find her & move on!!!! while ur Rational adult mind says it's not that simple to take any rush step,u won't find what u want easily plus enaha "Hateegy hya lwa7daha wizout planning wallah a3lam e nasseb faen?!"......SO wut will make u relieve from such confusion >>TO leave it behind & don let weddings & engagements (belyfeeha) hurt ur emotions,& always pray & ask god to bring u da best in z right time as Better late than Never :))

Mohaly said...

Thanks for the support Ayouya, Deppy, Insomniac (ahh), and Noblese (howa da el kalam).

Marwa: Yanhar abyad, it has no end then!!!

Mohaly said...

anonymous (who are u):
I didnt deny that I want to get married. But I am against having quota that has to do with my or her age.
I am someone who can't enjoy the responsibilities at work unless I do what I love, and I have turned down many projects and offers coz I didnt feel that I have the enough passion to do the job in the best way. So do you imagine when it comes to my partner (I like to call her partner), I can afford to go for arranged stuff?!

Mohaly said...

Deppy: about ur suggestion, isnt that a waste of time? the only extra time I have in my extremely busy schedule I spend here... plus going and knowing that I am saying no from the begining, isnt that hummliating for the girl (coz they tab3an do tell her!), or should I go and write a new series "3ayez Atgawez; the male version" like what Ghada Abdel-Al did in her blog :)

Evaluna: sorry about bringing bad memories.

sherry said...

I agree with Marwa...it is endless.....!! Heads up ! U need to practice "not to be influenced by this kind of talk ".....take it from "someone who experienced n still suffering from that"....Don't let it get to u....

I agree with annon. , it touches a sensitive spot within, else we won't feel bad....yet, I counter fight that with "eveyone has his/her sensitive area, why focus on mine....? what about their? Do I intrude? well, if they are nosy "bedafe3 el 7ob", I cud be "keeping a distence" bedafe3 el 70b too...not to lose it ! :P :)

No one can tell U what ur future wife will be...and whether U'll be happy or not ? "Allah" bas know and Hope all the best come ur way....

Waiting for ur coming post

Cheer up Friend :)
You are not alone....."kolna suffering from the same " :)

deppy said...

Yes actually I thought about this humiliation thing after I posted my comment, I was telling you my own trick, but I found out it's kinda different in the girl's situation. and yes to be fair, it takes way too much time and effort, w 3ayza someone 3ando bal tweel :) lil asaf this the best way to avoid the hassle.

E N G Y said...

U gotta try being a single female and u'll hear worse than this!:S

Just kinda surprised that men hear same silly comments like this, though it makes sense bardo..!!

I mean they push on u to take a step and get marry -I understand that it doesn't work out that way- as it's kinda ur choice to propose or not -that's what they think not mine-, for girls what the hell should we do, propose to someone or accept any one knock our door!!


Sorry for ur bad feelings Mohaly, U know I've family wedding in 2 weeks and I really really really shayla ham what i'll hear from ay 7ad m3ady for 3 hours and mum's broken heart for the following week:S

If only kol wa7ed ykhaleeh f 7alo!!:S

Ze2red said...

Looks like guys go under the pressure pretty much the same as girls. RABEAN MA3AAAAKKKK!!

Just ignore.

Yasmine said...

ya 3eini yabni :)
kol da 3ashan mabtes2alsh feya :P