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Sunday, March 21, 2010

672) No Hard Feelings - Episode 4 - Hunters!

Nerro seems frustrated from the fact that quite a considerable number of men do get bored from "what you see is what you get" women...

Actually it is true, the men who act like that are not few. On the personal level I can't tell why because I don't like surprizes even good ones, so what you see is what you get is great for me. So I went on doing some research about it.

Many men -by nature- tend to hunt and win. This kind of men tend to get bored easily when they don't see any challenge if they are not hunting the woman and winning her. Hence, when what they see is what they lose interest and get bored. They want to dig, know, and even surprize the woman.

Some women on the other hand don't leave any room for imagination or creativty coz they are too practical, and many men don't like that as they feel that it is their role to act practically (walahi mafeesh a7san men el set el practical fe nazari; I see that practical women are the best).

What to do in that case?
When you are considering a man of this kind. Try not to reveal everything, give him the info bit by bit, let him discover some himself; fulfil the inner victory that he feels. However, if you reached a point where you feel that you are not yourself anymore, then this is not the right man for you, and believe me he won't even feel or appreciate that in the future.

Just a final word here for all the hunters out there: "The woman who is known only through a man is known wrong." Henry Adams.

Next Sunday: Lao's HOT question "why do men have such a hot and warm emotions before marriage and after marriage he becomes a robot."?


E N G Y said...

And how do we know if the man is into revealed practical woman or not from the very beginning?

Is there any indications?

You know, there are mysterious women by nature, those can go well with the hunters men.

And there is another type, revealed women, which act normally; I talk with you so normally you know me, those go with normal practical guys.

There is no need to act and set a plan to reveal myself, because eventually bardo I’d be revealed!

Another question to ask Mohaly, is different type of men and women attract or repel each others??

Have a good wekk Mohaly:)

amina said...

that is true mohaly, and some women are hunters too.

Engy, I think you have to go bit by bit as mohaly said till you know which type of men is he.

nesreen said...

men simply suck!

Mohaly said...

I agree with amina ya Engy.

why nesreen?!!!

fen sa7bet el so2al?

Ahmad said...

I agree 100% taba3an, just wanted to add that the 'Hunter' thing is a human quality not just a man's quality.
It's a human quality that makes the person always looking for challenges, and gets bored when the challenge is over, so he'she goes around looking for another one.
Plus, you gotta admit that hunting a girl/guy down tell he/she gives up is one of the most interesting games ever, and those aren't my words.

Anonymous said...

nesreen, try living without them then!

Mohaly said...

yes ya ahmad, but when u r struggling to keep a day for urself every week, with the travels and responsibilities it is a torture to try hunting kaman :)

Nerro said...

this is tricky...and am not into the chase aslan. I tend to feel more comfortable with a guy when my heart go slow not fast if you know what I mean. fa the mysterious it gets the more turned off I get lel asaf :D

Mohaly said...

Nerro :)))

Anonymous said...

قال لي صديق إنه حصل على علاوة 200 جنيه فوق راتبه، وعندما ذهب يخبر زوجته وهو مبتهج مصمصت شفتيها على طريقة ماري منيب وقالت له: "ياما جاب الغراب لأمه"!!، وأخذت تحدثه عن جاره الذي سافر للخارج وعاد محملا بالخيرات، والثاني الذي ورث، والثالث الذي أقام مشروعًا تجاريًّا، قائلة له: "هو أنت أقل من (فلان)؛ فنام وهو حزين، وارتفع ضغط دمه وزاد معدل السكر فيه!".
وعندما عاد يوما وهو يحمل مشويات شهية وحلويات لأولاده بمناسبة العلاوة أخذت تعطيه درسًا في الإسراف(!)

Purple Cow said...

Even if you are a "What you see is what you get" type person, life tends to change us that surprises are inevitable. Don't you find yourself surprised by yourself at times?

As for the hunt - I think even if you are a "what you see is what you get" type person doesn't mean that you are gonna be a pushover to woo and GET so there is a hunt regardless of that.

Really looking forward to the before and after post!

Sina said...

Ok, so the thrill of the chase isn't only restricted to men, but I mean why treat men like children?? feeding them the info bit by bit, ya3ny why can't they grow up?
el 7a2ee2a, if I was a man and I found out that my girlfriend was doing this(feeding me info),I would be insulted.

Everyone(man or woman) should either deal with the truth or just go find a brainless mate.

sherry said...

Interesting and I agree in particular with the last part...there is a quote I love for Anais nin that says:

"How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself. "

But Mohaly why U don't like surprises even the good ones ?! isn't it exciting to know that there are still new & interesting things beyond our knowledge n imagination....so surprizes are nice and anti-boredom :)

Mohaly said...

surprizes ruins my schedule.
But I admit that part of me enjoy the good surprize.

sherry said...


Sohad said...

I am against the concept of planning in human relations and I consider as manipulation .. Each and every person should act as him/ her self.. Ya3nee el set to3od te7'atat te2ol eih wee mat2olsh eih to attract a man!!!

Surprises comes by being spontaneous, connecting with the inner child, and natural intuition and innocence.
There is always more inside those who develop themselves and a normal evolution with age progress. A natural interest in the person as is ( bee tabe3to kea).
And if men don't like such women yetfel2o el sara7a it's their loss.