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Sunday, August 23, 2009

594) Fawazeer Ramadan ::: Say or Not?!

Happy Ramadan Everyone, back to the annual blog fawazeer :)

Which is harder:
To say something and wish you didn't say?
Not to say something and wish you said it?



Hicham said...

Ramadan Kareem Mohaly. Am I really the 1st comment? Too bad :D

My answer: it's hard question because I think the answer is relative in case we look from the "results" point of view. Nevertheless, generally speaking about myself, I prefer thinking before saying anything but in case I decide to say, I go for it.

jessyz said...

To say something and wish u didn't. U can't unsay anything u've said.
Ramadan Kareem.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Kol sana wenta tayeb
I go with Jessy, it is better not to say things and regret it than saying things and wish you never did.

Probably you will regret saying something that have hurt someone, or lead to hurting you and you will regret not saying something that would have made someone happy. It is never too late to make it up but you can never undo the hurt.

Marwa said...

Ramadan Kareem ya Mohaly, we kol sana wenta tayeb :)

I think it's harder Not to say something and wish you said it :(((

Mohaly said...

Thanks Guys..

Hicham at last you are the first commenter :)

I can see different opinions here between jessy and Shaimaa on one hand and Marwa on the other hand. It seems that it is a hard Fazoura!

I will wait and see the rest of comments then have a further discussion.

MariannE_N said...

Hi All
Ramadan Kareem :-) Well I agree with Marwa. It is hard to have something and not to say it. It is important to express your feelings, either anger or even admiration.
Masalan today I went to a doctor and he was so nice, listening and gave me the feeling of fatherhood, I let him know so. we leghayt delwa2ti ana nefsi el zaman yerga3 3ashan feh 2 professors men gam3et el kahira who gave me a BAD example of how professors should be, begad nefsi ye3rafo en tasarfothm asaret fia we en ad eh homa lazem yekono kodwa, homa mesh motakhelen en feh students merakeza ma3ahom we merakeza fi tasarofathom.

Anonymous said...

I second Marwa and MariannE_N, life is short, good chances are rare.

If I said something and wished I hadn't said it, well, I always found some good in doing that nonetheless, because most probably, someone else would say it anyway.

If I hurt someone, which is seldom my intention, I do my best to make it up for them. However, if my intention is to hurt, then I would never wish I hadn't said it initially.

Yes, I believe there are situations when someone deserves to be hurt, me not being an exception.

Not saying what you wish you had said, is like dropping a flower you spent a day looking for, from the window. It happens fast, and it feels awful.

Noly said...

Ramadan Karem 3lako kolko w kol sana wenta tayb ya Mohaly w kol el hena tayben :).

When I first read your post I went with (to say something and wish you didn't say) is harder coz sometimes you say things may hurt anyone or even yourself and specially yourself, but when you don't say at all you hurt no one aw ya3ny bel mayet it will be you only.

But when I thought about it again, I went with none of them coz I think it depends on the SITUATION.
Ya3ny sometimes you may say a word you stay all your lifetime regreting that you said it one day.On the other hand sometimes you may lose a very special thing in your life coz simply you didn't show anything to keep it and you will also stay all ur lifetime regreting not saying a word to keep it.W fel a5r both of them are harder than each other.

Ana shayfa en mafesh hena rule sabtha ela kona kolna chose the easy one whether to say or not w maknsh hayeb2a feh regret wla feh experiances net3lmha 3shan 3mlna 7aga makansh lazm ne3mlha mn el a2wl.

The closer to your heart, the harder it will be.... no matter you said or not.

Maha Aly said...

Kol sana wento koloko taybeen w Ramadan kareem.
To say or not to say .... mmmmm, it's really hard Mohaly, but it depends on tthe situation & the person too!
If i really do care, i would say w akhalas dameery.
It's like if u saw someone who's dying, would u try to save him or u just leave him & regret if u would have done something? Although trying to save him would lead to problems !!!
Bas fazoura gamda ya mohaly :)

H.A.W. said...

happy ramdan to all of you.
hard fazoura

H.A.W. said...

sorry hit the publish button before continuing:
i'd say that "not to say something and wish you said it - is harder. you never know when someone will be gone. keeping what you wish to say then wake up to find him/her gone is an awful feeling.feels like being a coward, which is unfair towards oneself and towards the other person too.

but when you say soemthing and wish you didnt say it is not as bad, for 2 reasons: what you just said IS in your mind, so better get it off your chest. second: if you think you hurt this person, there is always the chance to immediately appologize or make it up.

whatever you want to say good or bad, say it. it gives the other party a clearer vision of what you think, which direction you are going and what to expect.

Maha Aly said...

H.A.W .. kol sana wenty tayeba, i agree with you :-)

H.A.W. said...

ahlan ahlan my dear partner.
wenty tayebah ya gamilah.
dont you think its waste of time when you keep soemthing inside, you wish to say?
especially when its good thing. tayeb why keep it bas.
in general, im against keeping silent and wasting time waiting for i dont knwo what.
leih tayeb????
what do you think Omar will say?

sherry said...

Hi mohaly...kol sana o enta tayeb....
It is harder to take what u have said back....the other case, im not fond of it to yet, u still in the status where u have a choice....so I agree with jessyz U can't unsay statement...saying sorry or making up for it won't make it go away....hurtful things remain alive , they just may fade away with time but they remaine there....

Hicham said...

Just registering how I am interested by what the dear commentators are placing here! Ramadan Kareem for All :)

p.s. lel-asaf ah I was the 1st :p

Marwa said...

I agree with you MariannE_N; It is important to express your feelings, whatever they were...

I also agree with H.A.W. ; as I believe that … yes what you've said was in your mind, and by supposing that you are someone who thinks b4 saying, then it's OK if you say it anyway.
But if u had a chance for saying something and u didn't for any reason; shy or hesitated masalan; then the chance will never come back, and by saying it u might have changed yours or someone else life.

Omar Rostom said...

I am back, it was a nice week with family in cairo

ahlan ramadan we fawazeerak ya Mohaly

i think it is better to say what you have in mind, if you kept it u will always torture yourself

ya 3am araya7 demaghi badal matzen 3alaya!

H.A.W. said...

Marwa,exactly what i meant.your words could change your life or someone else's.
Happy ramadan ya omar.atary masr kanet menawarah:-). Helwa dema3' betzen dih.u know its true? Betzen begad till you say what u have inside.

kochia said...

هاي محمد
كل سنة وانت طيب
ويارب يكون رمضان سعيد وكله خير عليك

والفزورة بتاعتك حلوة اوي
وكل يوم بفكر فيها لما بقابل موقف معين

افضل اني مقولش واتمني لو كنت قولته
السبب اني ممكن انتهز فرصة ما بعد كدة واقول لو فكرت كويس لكن لو قلت وجرحت حد مثلا مش هعرف امحي اللحظة دي وهتفضل مضايقاني

جيت شغلت عقلي عندك مع اني مكنتش ناوية النهاردة

رمضان كريم

E N G Y said...

I think it's harder "not to say something and wish u said it".
For me I regret doing both, but it was harder not to say something I really wanted to say..it keeps on buzzing in my mind!
Kol sana wenta tayeb, Ramadan Kareem:)

Anonymous said...

I think it is harder to say something and regret it afterwards, because then what is said and done can never be undone. Yet again, it all depends on the situation and it does differ from one instance to another..sometimes an uttered word can change the course of history if it is not thought out thoroughly or is even misplaced..As for regretting not having said something, I believe that AT TIMES, it is never too late to say whatever one wants to say or is on one's mind.... Soha

Marwa said...

Ma3refnash ba2a ra2yak enta ya Mohaly...Which is harder:
To say something and wish you didn't say? Or Not to say something and wish you said it? ;))

Mohaly said...

It is obvious that after all these comments el mawdou3 mesh ma7soum although I think NOLY is the closet to reality.

I personally think that On the short term it is harder to say something and regret it, but on the long term it is harder to keep something inside you as it builds negative momentum till you cant bare it anymore.

insomniac said...

wow, people have already said it all, haven't they...

anyways, i promised you my 2 cents :)

i think it depends on the person and his/her own personal experiences... i think it also depends on the context of which you wanted to say something and chose to say it or not...

for me, to me best knowledge, i don't regret anything i have said because my father taught me since i was a child that words can't be unsaid... "el kelma tool mahy gowaki temlokeeha, awel ma tetla3 mennek, temlokek" he always said... that doesn't mean that i haven't said my share of horrible things, but my defense is that i always meant them!

i think i would regret some of things i never exactly said but hoped they were clear enough in my actions... i loved my late nana a lot more than i showed her and i wished i had said it more often... most of my similar regrets go to people who died...

ramadan kareem :)